[Announcement] AI Network Staking Limit Extension


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[Announcement] AI Network Staking Limit Extension

Hello, AI Network Community!

In December of last year, AI Network introduced its staking event for the first time, to encourage the participation of various participants and to express gratitude to existing community members. And thanks to the active participation of many community members, the 1st staking event limit has now been successfully closed.

Accordingly, we would like to once again thank the community members for supporting AI Network with a long-term perspective, and we are happy to raise the staking limit so that more community members can participate in the staking event more!

Overview of Staking Limit Extension

Starting June 7th, 2021, you can stake more of your AIN (ERC-20) tokens on the existing Staking event page. It is also possible to purchase additional AIN and stake them within the increased limit.

  • Interest rate: 26.82% APY (2% per month. fixed)
  • Minimum staking amount: No restrictions
  • Maximum staking limit per individual: 200,000 AIN (10x increase)
  • Total staking limit for the event: 5,000,000 AIN (2.5x increase)
  • Staking reward payout: Every 30 days from the time of staking to the end of the event
  • Event period: The event will end when the 5,000,000 AIN limit is reached.

How to participate in the event

1.Install MetaMask Chrome Extension and prepare Ethereum Wallet, which holds the AIN token. (Staking events are only able to be participated on the desktop.)

2.Access the Staking event page.

3.Click the ‘Connect wallet’ button to connect your Ethereum wallet.

4.If you already have AIN in your wallet, you’ll see the balance on the left side titled with AIN (ERC20). Click the ‘Stake’ button on it.

5.Enter the desired amount to stake into the staking pop-up and click the ‘Stake’ button. (To proceed, a one-time approval is needed.)

6.Wait for a while until the transaction is confirmed, you can see that the amount of staked AIN has increased.

We hope a lot of you will join in the staking event. Thank you for your support all the time.


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