A New Report on Conversational Banking Proves that Voice is a Desirable Mobile Banking Feature

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The conversational trend is spreading across industries and around the world, and the banking sector is no exception. Just over the last few years, the global banking industry has undergone significant changes, and customer preferences have a direct impact on this refresh.

The key factors include:

  • Customer habits and preferences shift towards digital channels
  • Expectations for service level, speed, flexibility, and personalization increase
  • People get accustomed to voice interfaces

The Covid-19 pandemic has also contributed. It has accelerated the digitalization of retail banks by 3–4 years, stimulating an active transition of customers from traditional banking channels to digital ones.

Leading analytical and consulting companies agree that having their own conversational AI strategy is an essential feature of banks’ digital strategy, to stay ahead of changes and competitors.

Which major changes in user expectations and tech innovations should be expected? How should banks strategize to meet these new expectations and establish a competitive edge?

Find out with a fresh report from Just AI — Top 2021 Conversational Banking Trends, Redefining Financial Services.


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