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A lot has been said on how this pandemic has taken its toll on every business, small store owner any just about every product or service out there.

It is clear, that with hundreds of businesses closing at a rate that was never seen before, one of the first things small business owners do, is to cut their expenses by reducing their budget on advertising and promotional ads.

At first, it may seem like the most appropriate action to cut down on expenses, but at the same time, without you even knowing, you are cutting the amount of potential customers you can reach to keep your business alive.

After, analyzing how this trend affected the necessary cashflow to make ends meet for younger startups, small business owners, freelancers, sales people, coffee shop owners, catering companies, real estate agents and hundreds of areas that were heavily impacted by this pandemic, we at MyCloudVIP created and tested an affordable way for small business owners like you, to attract more buyers, promote your brand, service or product without compromising your budget.

So, if your business has a blog, facebook fan page or you promote by email or WhatsApp groups of your own, we put together a service we called, Promotional Avatar Videos.

The service consists on 5 key elements that are needed to put together a one minute promotional video, which you can use to promote your products or services.


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