Deep Learning Certification With IBM

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Deep Learning Certification With IBM

You have probably read in the news that deep learning is the secret recipe behind many exciting developments and has made many of our world’s dreams and perhaps nightmares come true.

Who would have thought that DeepMind’s AlphaGo could beat Lee Sedol in a board game which boasts more possible moves than there are atoms in the entire universe.

Deep learning is everywhere, beating physicians in diagnosing cancer, it’s responsible for translating web pages in a matter of mere seconds to the autonomous vehicle by Weimo and Tesla.

Now what is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a part of machine learning which in turn is another sub-part of artificial intelligence (AI). It involves more traditional methods to learn representations directly from data.

In 1997 Gary Kasparov, the most successful champion in the history of chess, lost to IBM’s Deep Blue, one of the first computer or artificial systems.

In 2011, IBM’s Watson competed in a game show Jeopardy against its champions Brad Rotter and Ken Jennings and won the first prize which was a million dollars.

But deep learning can do more than just beat us at board games. It finds applications anywhere from self-driving vehicles to fake news detection to even predicting earthquakes.

These were astonishing moments not only because machines beat humans at their own games but because of the endless possibilities that they opened up.

What followed such events have been striking breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and yes deep learning.

To put it simply, deep learning is a machine learning technique that learns features and tasks directly from the data by running inputs through a biologically inspired neural network architecture.

These neural networks hold a number of hidden layers through which data is processed allowing the machine to go deep in its learning making connections and weighing input for the best results.

Deep learning is indeed a complex form of technology and to be an expert in this domain one needs to invest undivided dedication and patience.

What is the best deep learning course? Let’s find out.

Deep learning training course have taken over the e-learning space on the internet and people have been noticing the sudden hype about the human-like machine.

Techies from top tier companies are often seen collaborating with Edu-tech companies to share their experience and teach the young minds all about deep learning and related fields.

DataTrained’s deep learning certification with IBM is the one stop destination for deep learning enthusiasts. The program has both self-paced and live session blended mode.

It covers everything that one would expect from a deep learning advanced course. This course also offers a three months online internship making it the most appealing deep learning online course in India.

They also provide placement assistance and access to in-demand tools worth $1200 cloud credits. So, what are you waiting for?

Deep Learning certification is a quintessential upgrade for professionals who wish to make that leap into the fray of fiber optics, image recognition and automation, robotics and manufacturing intelligence.


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