AI and bias issues

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AI and bias issues

Today’s world is data hungry. It is no doubt that the future of the world will be overtaken by AI. Never ending debates over ethical issues on AI continues.

Globally, technological developments are at a faster pace when compared to the legal frameworks that are in place to tackle issues arising out of these technological developments.

Bias in AI may get disastrous if there are no proper rules on how to handle data. We live in a world which is ethnically diverse. There are various possibilities to get biased outcomes from algorithms. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure” forums like Internet Governance forum could gather multi stakeholders and representatives from various governments to create a framework on handling data and algorithms so that the outcome isn’t biased which may cause discord in a “fragile” and “realistic” world!

Big techs ought to be a part of such a framework where their researches and AI algorithms are ensured that they would be free from bias.

It would be better to have multidimensional perspectives and have discussions with experts from various fields like sociologists, cognitive psychologists and clinical psychologists and also people from various ethnic backgrounds when handling these data to prevent prejudices and bias.

In a fragile realistic world where anything and everything is leading to conflict and chaos a lot of issues that are plaguing the society like communal and racial issues could also be solved by an optimistic model of algorithm.

For instance Governments should ensure that the firms that use AI to employ people are free from bias or prejudices so that the employment process remains transparent. Having a framework that defines the way a data has to be handled and make models out of it that is free from bias is the way forward to have a healthier and a harmonious society.


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