3 easy machine learning projects

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3 easy machine learning projects

Welcome back! Machine learning is increasingly becoming one of the most important industries in the world right now, so let’s talk about some of the easiest machine learning projects you can build out fairly easily. Quick note: machine learning is not easy, you will still need to understand the programming / mathematics behind ML but for those who have a slight knowledge of it, you should be able to code out these projects fairly easily, with that long introduction out of the way let’s get started!

Building a ML Model With TensorFlow

Starting off we have this basic introduction to machine learning with TensorFlow, you can view this project down below:

This project breaks down the very basics of machine learning / different components of ML. We then build out a very basic project using the very popular MNIST dataset:

We then go over the standard functions within TensorFlow, this includes using keras, .fit and the evaluate function as well, this is definitely a great introduction to machine learning with TensorFlow.

Predicting Doge Coin Price

Next up we have the Doge coin project, this is almost the same thing as the stock price project, instead we’re importing the data from an actual package, check out this project here:

This project starts off importing the Doge coin price data by using it’s stock ticker, from there we’re able to use SciKit-Learn to develop some models. This project covers training / testing the models and even graphing the points using matplotlib as well, this is definitely a project to check out!

Machine Learning With R + Tidymodels

Finally we have a very basic machine learning project with R and tidymodels, this project breaks down the basics of machine learning in R, we also develop a machine learning model as well, check out the project below:

Although languages like Python are seen as a go to language for machine learning, R still has a lot of support for its machine learning packages. Tidymodels is a very awesome resource for ML in R, they have great documentation and a fairly large community of ML developers as well, I would highly recommend checking out that project above to gain some complex experience of machine learning within R.

There you have it! Those are just a few of the easiest projects you can build out with some machine learning packages and R / Python, have you built out any other easy machine learning projects? I would love to hear about your experience!

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