What’s the “Age of Insight” ?!

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1 — IKEA’s Incredible Digital Transformation

Brilliant Harvard Business Review article on IKEA’s Digital Transformation. AND Kudos to Barbara Martin Coppola whose e-commerce growth went from 7% to 31% of revenue in 3 years.

A MUS TREAD: some highlights include:
1. Digital Transformation is not a goal in and of itself.
2. The result is meant to be a seamless, consistent customer experience.
3. The DNA of IKEA doesn’t change, and it’s important that it doesn’t.

And, read how algorithms help them figure out where the goods are being sourced from, how they are rapidly expanding data and analytics and changing how they’re embedded in decision making.

And finally, their Customer Data Promise work, their commitment to putting people first in all data-driven processes.

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