What is Artificial intelligence? What are its Pros and Cons?

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What is Artificial intelligence? What are its Pros and Cons?

During this era of modern technology and advancement to know, each aspect of the new and advanced technology is the need of the hour. What artificial intelligence is and what are its pros and cons? Is it beneficial for us or not?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the counterfeit of human intelligence in machines, which means to mimic human actions and tasks performing efficiently without any assistance. Artificial intelligence was first used by John McCarty in 1956 when he first used the term artificial intelligence. He is also known as the Father of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence’s fundamental and foremost principle is to copy human cognitive activities such as learning, problem-solving, tasks performance, and perception. Algorithms play part in artificial intelligence whereas simple logarithms are involved in simple applications.

Categories of Artificial intelligence

Two categories of artificial intelligence are seen through time these are:

Weak artificial intelligence: Weak or narrow artificial intelligence means to carry out only one particular function at a time and no performance of multi-tasks, which can be explained as asking a question to an assistant and getting the answer. The type of intelligence incorporates Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

Strong artificial intelligence: This kind is the performance of multi-tasking like the human ability to perform tasks with efficiency. This kind includes many kinds of activities performed at the same time. It can involve self-driving cars and hospital operating systems

Applications of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence works on the principle of machine learning, without human control and deep learning can be made sure by providing a large amount of data in the form of text, audios or videos. When hearing the word artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to our minds is robots, because nowadays they are seen performing different kinds of activities and running different areas of work. Artificial intelligence has vast applications and advantages which make it more useful.


Among its diverse advantages, Health care is one where this modern technology is used for many medical and surgical purposes also this technique is used in many intricate diagnostics. Self-driving cars also involve these modern techniques: computers with a mechanism designed to play chess are also artificial intelligence. The finance industry has many diverse areas like detecting unusual debits card problems and the detection of huge deposits. Also, it aids inefficiency and error-free work with availability round the clock and does better handling of problems and relieves information load.


After discussing the advantages of artificial intelligence, let’s have a look at how it has its bad effects on the humans of this era. The increase in unemployment is a threat to mankind as the robots are taking the place of humans so for the sake of saving time and money people would love to make robots with high efficiency and good task performing ability and then people will suffer. I also include a lack of creativity and too much dependence on the machines which requires a huge investment.

Conclusion: Hence artificial intelligence is the need of the hour. It has its advantages and disadvantages which are affecting the people all around. . Artificial intelligence is getting advanced day by day with every coming era and its pros and cons should be visible to everyone


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