Top 5 technologies to rule over 2021

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Top 5 technologies to rule over 2021

The technology and innovation is the factors that makes human being so great. The super brains from each corner of the world are connecting in a single space. Internet is growing and helping every sector to gain the highest potential of its own. As time passing by the IT industry is changing nearly at a speed of light. New technologies are coming up. Older technologies are upgrading rapidly. In this pace of advancement these are the top 5 tech domains that are going to rule over the future of IT.

Tech that make it happen

1. Artificial Intelligence

It is the intelligence that has set human so superior from any other living being in the world. In the rapid growth of technology, repetitive tasks are the speed breakers. Here comes the role of AI, where you train your system to do the repetitive task. The high level of accuracy with minimal manual interaction makes it so popular. From Self Driving car to VR technologies, from predictive analysis to image recognition system AI is ruling. And guess what, AI still is in its infantry state. Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Neural Networks or say Robotics are the popular branches of AI.

2. Big Data Technologies

Training your AI system makes you feed data. The 5 V’s (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value) of data defines your accuracy level. The new era of technology has defined data as the new oil. There are gazillions of data. You need to process it and get the value out of it. For handling Cleaning and processing data tools and technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Engineering are evolving at a fast pace.

Data is the New Oil

3. Cloud Computing and DevOps

Infrastructure is the main concerns to have accuracy and execution of AI and Big Data technologies. You need unpredictable amount of storage and computation to manage, build, execute and keep running your applications or databases. You need nearly unlimited capacity to manage the data and run computation on it. Cloud is the answer to all the concerns of unpredictability. It provides you the unlimited amount of storage and computation resources as Pay-as-you-go model. DevOps has bring a super potential to Cloud clubbing every part of software development at a single space and automating things with accuracy. This is why Cloud and DevOps aregoing to be the real Game changer.

4. Cyber Security

Security is the first thing that we ensure at every point of life. The growth of internet technology also demands the security at every domain. Cyber security, Access Control, Usage Restrictions are the key concerns of any application accessible in public. It is very fair to say that This domain will always be green in every aspects of technological revolution.

Unveiling the super power

5. IOT and 5G

Internet of Things has been an sensation since its inception. 5G has just given a wing to it. Both the technologies are moving up high with great pace and making technological wonder. From smart Home to Patient Monitoring system, even the irrigation or agriculture has made it possible to get the right place.

As an concluding remarks I can say these 5 technology domains with its child domains are going to change the living for us. As it is rightly said –

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road” — Stewart Brand, Writer


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