Confusion Matrix and Cyber Security

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⚡Type 1 Error and Type 2 Error ⚡

Type 1 Error:

  • False Positive is also known as type 1 error.
  • Type 1 error is most dangerous error.
  • lets take an example to clear concept of type 1 error:

We created program to check if our system is Hacked or not. And suppose if there is type 1 error, then after system is hacked our program won’t give alarm or it will not warn us about system is Hacked.

Type 2 Error:

  • False Negative is also known as type 2 error.
  • Lets have an example to clear the concept of Type 2 error:

We have one program to detect virus, and u get notification that your system is under virus attack so u take it to any computer store or purchase some antivirus to remove the virus , and it tells there is no virus.

so what just happened , your computer don’t have any virus but because there is Type 2 error in program , and because of this you spent precious time and money to remove virus which was never in your system.


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