A guide to getting Microsoft Azure AI Certified

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A guide to getting Microsoft Azure AI Certified

Let’s start with- What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service and offers more than 200 products and services designed to help bring new solutions to life — to solve today’s challenges and create the future.

Why should you even get certified?

It’s simple- the future is CLOUD. As of today, almost 90% of companies are already on the cloud and the already market-dominating cloud is going to triple by the end of 2023.

Certifications are a great opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and they make you stand out from the crowd!

Getting Azure certified in the growing demand for a career in cloud computing is a good enough reason. An Azure certification bags a wide and better range of career opportunities and by getting certified you are likely to get better recognized.

Microsoft Azure Fundamental- Level Certifications:

• Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
• Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
• Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

Why get Azure AI certified?

The demand for Artificial Intelligence engineers is increasing at an unbelievably fast rate. As a result, there is also a high demand for AI engineers that are comfortable working in Azure.

To become a certified Azure AI certified you have to pass the AI-900 exam that tests your Azure and AI skills.

You don’t need to have any experience of using Microsoft Azure before taking this course!

The exam is ideal for candidates who have a foundational knowledge of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and related Microsoft Azure services. It is designed for anyone interested in learning about the types of solutions artificial intelligence (AI) makes possible, and the services on Microsoft Azure that you can use to create them.

Azure AI Fundamentals can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based certifications like Azure Data Scientist Associate or Azure AI Engineer Associate, but it’s not a prerequisite for any of them.

Cracking Azure AI Fundamentals Exam:

Step 1: Review the online resource material

You can find the online resource material here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/ai-900

The outline of the exam and the skills measured can be accessed here:https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RE4wAEF

There is a free online learning path in which the modules take about 10 hours. These are well-structured and enable quick learning. So, it’s safe to set aside at least 2 to 7 days to prepare for the exam.

There’s also a paid instructor-led learning path that you can opt for if required. But I recommend starting with the free online learning path and if you feel any difficulty in grasping the concepts you can switch to the other.

Step 2: Register for the exam

Price: $99 *price based on the country in which the exam is proctored.

Registering for the exam is fairly simple. You only need to set up a Microsoft account.

You can register for the exam here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/ai-900

I recommend you to register for the exam first and then start prepping- this will keep you motivated and if you feel you’re not prepared enough you can always reschedule but that must be done at least 24 hours before the exam.


I believe this is the most important step. I recommend you to set aside a whole day to answer as many questions as you can. This will give you an idea of where you stand and the concepts in which you’re going wrong.

You can find many online resources with practice test problems- be sure to go through them and analyze where you might be going wrong. Another good way to get familiar with Microsoft Certification exams will be to take an Official Microsoft Practice Test.

Step 4: The EXAM

You’ll have about 60 minutes on the exam.

There will be 51 MCQs with either 1 or 2 correct choices. The maximum score is 1000 and the passing score is 700. There’s no negative marking so make sure you answer all of them!

At the end of the exam, you’ll receive a score report that analyses your performance in each section and how your performance compares to those who have taken this exam before.

Within an hour you can find your certificate and transcript on the Microsoft Certification Dashboard: www.microsoft.com/learning/dashboard.aspx

Lastly, don’t stress yourself out, and make sure you’re well-rested before taking the exam. Good luck! ❤


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