this is eternal spring

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Picturesque snowy field
Flowers of blue and purple
Extend your sense of smell

The breeze is cold but soothing
Relax, this is eternal spring

The smell of the flowers and the cool breeze that swirls around them harmonizes with the tranquility of springtime. It is eternal, even in winter. Springtime is the period of blooming where all the flowers come to life, except that the flowers that are blue and purple do not bloom. They don’t even grow in any season; they can only be brought to life by the presence of the wind, perhaps because the wind is the only thing that is able to allow them to bloom or even grow. They are naturally immortal because they are the symbol of eternal springtime. They speak to you, in your mind and in your senses. The flowers of blue and purple are the ones that are eternal, and their everlasting nature is what brings them everlasting beauty. The flowers of blue and purple can only be seen by someone that has the ability to see the differences in life and could even taste the differences in life, you must have the ability to feel the difference of each moment. The flowers speak to you, as if they want to tell you that, you are able to create a springtime in your life, by seeing the world and experiencing the world differently than most. You can make it everlasting like springtime, or at least as close as possible.

The difference is in the way that you look at it, as the flowers of blue and purple are so great, because we can see that the world is supposed to be this way and nothing else, and that it is supposed to be like this forever. You can create a springtime in your life forever, or at least as long as you are capable of living. But at least it can live on after you are no longer a living being. But so much more can be seen with this. When you live, you are one person in one form and you will grow into some other form of being which will be everything else in the world. When this happens, every person will be everything else in the world, even the person that you were and the person that you are now. It will be a different person because a person that is born dies, but a person that dies is born. It is because the person who dies will be born again, so every person that is born has died and every person that dies will be born again. This world is an everlasting process where death gives birth to life and life gives death. But it is every bit as much a place of eternal spring, as it is a place of death. There is no end to spring, or anything else.

When a person is born, they become the world, and every element in the world is the person that is born. It becomes the person, and its new self in its new body grows into another being with a new life and a new world. Even though the world is one being, it has a fountain of life, from a place called ‘eternal spring’. Even though every being in the world is eternal, there is a fountain of life.

This spring, visit the eternal garden and find everlasting beauty.

Come and feel the difference of each moment.


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