Is AI The Future of Content Writing?

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Is AI The Future of Content Writing?

Recently, I saw a poll on LinkedIn which makes me question, “Is AI the Future of Content Writing?” The answer displays that 82% of content writers believe that AI technology cannot replace the working style of humans. While 18% of the poll presents that AI is the future scope of content writing.

But this poll is not enough to decide whether AI is the future of content writing or not? Or is it good as it sounds? There is no sure answer yet, but I personally believe that AI is not the future. Though AI is, developing to imitate human writing techniques but it cannot replace human interferences completely.

I know by now your mind is hurling with questions like How AI useful for the future of web content writing? What its limitations? How it cannot replace human interferences? And so on.

The answer to these questions is understandable only if you know — What is AI?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology used for creating innovative, self-sustain machines. In other words, AI makes machines capable of performing on their own without any interactions with humans.

When it comes to content writing, there are various tools available. These tools suggest their opinions, point out mistakes, missing punctuations, and other grammatical mistakes. Some popular AI writing tools are Grammarly, Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator,, and the list go on.

However, there are different tools develop with AI functionalities to fulfill several purposes. For example — some of the tools will help you in editing, omitting errors, or do complete content research for you and draft an article with intact information on its own.

Each advancement in AI will change the face of many industries soon with the writing one.

Yet, AI has limitations that will never make it superior to humans, especially in content writing tutorials. We will now move on towards the shortcomings of AI technology.

Limitation of AI in Writing Industry –

Pointing out the shortcomings of an almost perfect technology is quite an impossible task for anyone. But AI does have some critical specialties when it comes to automatic writing.

When you use AI-based writing software the ability to think & improvise and conceptualize that particular topic is always missing. AI tools tend to use the same approach for every article that is not required. Hence, neither works as one size fits all nor thinks on its own.

It is also clear that even if the writing software script a complete article on its own it does need a final review from a human. Thus, it needs proper supervision from an experienced editor.

Moreover, such an AI software writing tool will also lack creativity when it has to write about different niches in different formats every time.

I do not deny the fact that AI is the future or it does not have advantages. For some of us, it’s a commencement of a new world where AI and humans will exist together. The other theory that AI will take over humans is true.

No one knows the truth, but that does not mean we should stop using the advantages of AI technology. Furthermore, it never hurt to have a little more knowledge about the perks of technologies.

Perks of Artificial Intelligence –

There are enormous benefits of artificial intelligence in day-to-day life and every niche related to manufacturing or production industries, IT industries, and others.

AI is popular and successful in every industry because it tends to have fewer or zero errors that can take place due to humans. AI can make a decision quickly as per the previous information without forgetting any part of it. It can clearly increase efficiency and accuracy to a higher degree.

Another advantage is that AI technology is available 24*7. Thus, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Any software, tool, or machine with AI can work non-stop regularly.

AI can do the same monotonous task, again and again, without getting bored or tired. It can work automatically and produce the desired output. It also works in a non-biased manner compared to humans. It has been proved in several researches that humans take decisions either emotionally or biased in nature.

I hope that you understand my concept about AI and content writing. I simply mean, “AI cannot take writing but it will control 90% of industries in future.”

You can also share your thoughts about the same in the comment section. Hope to connect with you all!


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