How Gen Z is Influencing the Future of AI

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How Gen Z is Influencing the Future of AI

Generation Z (often referred to as Gen Z) is the youngest, most ethnically diverse, and largest generation in American history, accounting for almost one-third of the US population.

If you were born between 1996 and 2010, the general technological rationale grew with Artificial Intelligence as a superior technology right at your fingertips — enjoying access to smartphones, touch screen coolers, and virtual on-call assistants from a very young age.

With this in mind, Gen Z’s perception of AI and technology differs from previous generations.

They come with very different expectations about how technology should work and how it should support them.

As more and more Gen Zs enter the workforce, these high-tech employees bring with them a strong demand for technology, and companies will need to embrace these tools to keep up with this new breed of AI natives.

What does this change in perception mean for the businesses employing Gen Z’s?

Again, as Gen Z rushes into the workforce, this new generation has different expectations from previous generations. They expect a technology stack to aid and support their job functions, a big part of this being automation driven by AI. This drives the evolution of these tech tools, it will iterate in the direction of how Gen Z makes use of them.

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