How an AI organisation can make a difference during the pandemic

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The pandemic caught us off guard, yet we managed to design, develop and deploy a solution in a matter of weeks. Several customers benefit from IRIS, making them COVID ready in a matter of days.

One of the largest steel manufacturers of the world had to resume services and deploying IRIS helped them enforce the new norms, and within weeks they saw a drop in the violation trend.

With IRIS actively monitoring and logging infringements, employees were more compliant to follow protocols and these graphs show you how violation reduced drastically over a period of time.

Reduction in Mask Violations | Image by Integration Wizards
Reduction in Social Distancing Violations | Image by Integration

They see over five thousand check-ins into the facility during a single shift.

Flipkart and Myntra, being one of our premium customers, utilise IRIS in their sorting facilities to ensure workers are being compliant. Being vital to the age of the internet, these organisations had to keep their employees safe to cater to millions of souls with their door-to-door deliveries.

Malls — Several businesses were beginning to resume once the lockdown rules were relaxed. Phoenix chain of market cities, Inorbit mall, Viviana mall and Infiniti mall use IRIS to monitor footfall count and floor density to ensure optimal numbers are maintained, to reduce the risk of spread of the virus.

SpotOn uses IRIS to make its premise safe by utilizing Health and Safety and COVID modules.

One of the largest liquor manufacturers on this planet trusts IRIS to maintain compliance.

Reduction in violations by over 50% | Image by Integration Wizards

Britannia makes sure their employees follow compliance, helping them resume food and beverage manufacturing services.


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