Artificial Intelligence and the Fight for the Future

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Artificial Intelligence and the Fight for the Future

The National Security Institute was excited to host NSI’s Technology Innovation and American National Security Project, Artificial Intelligence and the Fight for the Future.

On Wednesday, May 26, from 2–3 PM ET, NSI hosted a fireside chat featuring National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Gilman Louie who discussed critical technology issues facing the our nation, with cybersecurity reporter Chris Bing of Reuters moderating the session.

American innovation in artificial intelligence is a national security imperative and Commissioners Clyburn and Louie addressed how the U.S. government can invest in human capital to ethically and responsibly develop AI tools to best counter and compete with our adversaries and strategic partners. They took a hard look at how AI changes the national security environment and how the United States can best leverage itself in a new technological frontier.


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