AI Adoption for Gen Z, What, How, Why?

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AI Adoption for Gen Z, What, How, Why?

Who’s worried about AI adoption? Small companies and manufacturers, but not Gen Z!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already becoming more than just a tool to power robots.

It is now utilized in dozens of industries and consumer applications, including fitness and finance, to name a few.

Generation Z has exponential potential, and are not skeptical of technology, in fact they trust it more than big corporations. Adopting AI driven solutions will give Gen Z a massive advantage a few years down the line.

They are undoubtedly the first technology-native generation to enter the workforce, and the first AI-born.

One way in particular where AI will be of great help for Gen z is the financial sector.

For the first time in history, enterprise level knowledge and experience can now be leveraged via an application aimed at making financial trades, the world of investments are now demystified and ripe for the picking for new young curious traders.

There is a new generation of investors who approach investing with a much more cavalier strategy, and it’s working!

AI early adopters will experience compounded growth in the next 3–5 years, a missed opportunity for non adopters for sure, which side of the fence do you sit on?

If you are interested, join the conversation with fellow Gen Z’s! We unpack the full scope of capabilities and functionalities for you to leverage AI as a profitable side hustle.


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