What are the Steps to Fix the issue of Alexa Error 61103103

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What are the Steps to Fix the issue of Alexa Error 61103103

Resolving the Wi-Fi connectivity issue while taking up the Alexa setup job is not usual at all. Well, one of such connectivity errors that may bother you is the Alexa Error 61103103. Just like you are doing, there are millions of other customers who are searching for fixes to this error.

One thing that you are not going to regret is to read this post.

This article is also going to help you search for the right answers. Nut first let us understand what is the meaning of the Alexa Echo Error 6:1:103:10:3 and why are you facing this error.

Alexa Echo Error 6:1:103:10:3

This is a Wi-Fi connectivity issue that occurs when you type the wrong password while setting up the Amazon Echo. you may also type the incorrect password unknowingly because of the typo error or when it is forgotten or when you have changed the password.

Well, whatever the case may be, you cannot complete the Alexa setup until you are choosing the correct network and are giving the correct password.

There are some other Wi-Fi connectivity issues that may bother you as well:

  • Amazon Echo Registration Error
  • Error 12:2:15:10:1
  • Error 10:1:108:0:5
  • Error 7:3:0:0:1 on Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Alexa Echo 7:3:4:0:1 Wi-Fi Error
  • Error code 12:1:1:107:22:1
  • Alexa error 13:1:9:22:4

Let us now see the steps through which you will be able to resolve the issue:

Alexa Wireless Connection Issue:

In order to fix this issue, the first thing that you are required to do is to try to set up the process again. So the next time you are going to see the error flashing, then there will be a message that is going to appear which will be “forget your network”.

These links will allow you to enter the correct password. If you see that the newly entered password by you is correct, then it must be able to connect to the wireless network. This is the process that will also help you complete the process of setup very easily.

If you are looking for any further assistance, then you can get in touch with our experts who might provide you with an instant solution.

Reset Echo:

If you are not able to remember the password and are not able to recover the password as well, then there is a chance that you will not be able to recover it. What you can do in that instance is reset the echo.

What you need to do in this step is to reset the echo by inserting the pin in the hole which might be below or at the top of the echo. In that case, when you press the button, you are going to see that your echo ring will flash a blue light and then after some time, the password will be reset as well.

All the settings will be restored to the factory rest and you will be able to keep any new password.

Restart the Echo:

There are times where you might be facing a false issue and there is no error of such sort. Simply restart the device and you are going to see that you might have resolved the error.

Rebooting the device can also help you resolve the other connectivity issues that you might have been having.

If you are still not able to fix Alexa Error 6:1:103:10:3 on your own, then you can get in touch with our experts who are experienced and are going to help you out as well. They will provide you with the best solutions.


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