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Storepath’s Automated Product Copy Creator Launches With Significant Community Excitement — Makes eCommerce Listings Faster and More Effective

Earlier this year and mid pandemic, we founded Storepath with the goal of making eCommerce easy, accessible, and profitable for everyone who wants to create a sustainable income from eCommerce. The demand and interest in having an eCommerce business have grown exponentially as Covid 19 both upended the employment market (creating greater interest in new income options) and accelerated digital adoption.

There are now 2 million active sellers on Amazon alone. But the reality is that for most eCommerce sellers, the learning curve to a profit is incredibly difficult, requiring significant time, support, and technical knowledge. We had been sellers ourselves and had experienced how daunting it would be for solo entrepreneurs and those without a sophisticated level of technology experience.

The successful launch of the Storepath Automated Product Copy Creator in May is a significant milestone towards this mission and we were thrilled to have it be upvoted as the #2 product on Product Hunt, an indication that our community of eCommerce entrepreneurs is as excited as we are about our ability to streamline the product listing process and make the listing more likely to lead to a sale — meaning more entrepreneurs and small businesses can drive profits and potential income.

Let me dive a bit deeper into this. Typically, Brand Managers, Virtual Assistants, Sellers, and anyone listing on a marketplace have to go through a time-consuming and manually intensive process to post a product.

It starts with keyword and competitor research, then trying to figure out what keywords to use to generate product descriptions, bullet points, and an optimal title. The next step is probably most frustrating, shaping this content to fit within the various guidelines of different marketplaces. This is where hours are lost — waiting for their support to resolve issues so we can just get started with selling. Revenue now depends on the ability to continually manually optimize the listing. More often than not, most sellers aren’t able to realize the return for their efforts and give up mid-journey.

Our Product Copy Creator completely changes this cycle.

Now users can spend just minutes creating a copy that is optimized for conversion, based on millions of data points and that can be used across platform channels. This removes days of research, manual entry and data management, copy editing, and most of all, the uncertainty around the final product — now sellers know they are using the most optimized copy for their listing and they can get it in minutes.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about the cutting-edge technology and proprietary AI that is enabling this. Our technology combines key algorithms that optimize conversion by automating keyword research and marketplace best practices, with natural language content that is generated instantly for our users.

We are looking forward to working with our user community to continue to add value to their day-to-day needs in eCommerce and are really excited about our product launch!

The Storepath product suite is designed to systematically remove the current barriers and challenges of building a successful eCommerce business.

If you have suggestions on what can we build to launch or grow your eCommerce business, you can email us at

You can find more about the product and get started here!


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