Introducing Intelligensio and the IntelligentEcoystem

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Introducing Intelligensio and the IntelligentEcoystem

Intelligent computations for all.

Intelligent computations for all.

Intelligensio (INTEL) is a coin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with an aim of bringing decentralized computing power back to the people, and the central coin on the Intelligensio Ecosystem. The cloud marketplace is structurally unfair and antidemocratic towards smaller cloud users, while many retail computers around the world sit idle, able to provide the cloud computing services that are vitally needed.

The Current Cloud Computing Market
Nowadays, private companies hold a monopoly on computing power, with the 5 largest cloud computing companies holding over 70% of the $130 billion cloud market [1]. Cloud users computational ability are at the whim of these 5 mega-corporations, who can change their policies or increase prices at the drop of a hat. This is fine for other large corporations, but for retail users, start-ups, and smaller companies, this is not sustainable. Smaller users not being able to truly rely on cloud services prevents them from investing, dampening otherwise good ideas and businesses.

Alternate Cloud Providers
All across the world, many everyday people and companies leave their computers idle for significant portions of the day — e.g. at night, during lunch breaks — or are not using 100% of the computer’s CPU — e.g. while streaming movies and shows, or while listening to music. This unused computing power would prove invaluable to retail users and small companies looking for cheap, trustable cloud computing, but until now there has been no incentives for them to provide this.

The Intelligensio Solution
We present a simple and elegant solution to this difficult, gridlocked problem: the retail cloud users and small companies pay, using a near instant and low fee network (BSC), INTEL to other people and entities anywhere in the world for their idle computing power. This incentivizes the providers to allow users to use their unused computational power, making all parties happy. This provides a number of benefits when compared to the current ecosystem.

All transactions between providers and users of computational power takes place on the Intelligensio Marketplace. This functions similarly to a financial market, in that providers can come to the market and offer a certain amount of computational power, for a certain price. Users can then pick and choose which offer (or combination of offers) they will purchase, with all transactions done using INTEL. This creates competition between providers, and this competition creates downward price pressure on the price of cloud computing, allowing users to purchase computational prices for the lowest possible prices. This is opposed to the current monopolized and arbitrary prices set by large corporations who currently control the cloud computing market.

We briefly outline the benefits provided by our proposed ecosystem here.

— Anyone in the world can access computing power, regardless of background. This means that the Intelligensio Ecosystem is censorship resistant, and users can anonymously use or provide cloud computing power.
— Improves the profit margins of start-ups and small businesses, by allowing them to forego purchases of powerful computers, and instead rent out computational power when they need it.
— Helps the environment, by making our current resources work more efficiently, and reducing technological waste.
— Allowing users to purchase as much or as little computing power as they need in the exact same fashion regardless of how much they purchase means as projects and ideas become more successful and require more computing power, purchasing more computational power only requires the click of a button, making Intelligensio ultra-scalable for users.

At launch, there are 100,000,000 INTEL tokens in existence, and this is the hard cap, no new INTEL tokens will ever be released. The Intelligensio team have kept 0 tokens. All INTEL tokens have been put into the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, available to buy here, with the LP tokens being locked for 6 months in this transaction hash.

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[1] Statista, Richter, F, Feb 4 2021,


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