Industry Spotlight: Packaging and Kitting

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Industry Spotlight: Packaging and Kitting

Cogniac’s Visual Intelligence Platform maximizes the value of visual data with a plug-and-play AI platform to aid the inspection process across various industries. The packaging industry requires the highest levels of precision and efficiency, specifically during parts classification and kitting to maintain production qualities and safety standards. Kitting lines in the manufacturing industry are layered with multiple parts, many of which appear similar and can easily be misidentified during the rote task, potentially costing millions of dollars in damages in a single shift or even put users in danger.

Cogniac’s AI platform leverages Doosan Bobcat North America’s drive for innovation as a solution designed to increase the safety standards and efficiencies of existing workflows in their kitting assembly. The implementation of Cogniac’s system in the Bobcat warehouse ensures that all kits are correct prior to shipping, by processing and properly identifying each individual Stock Keeping Unit with 99.9% accuracy. Cogniac’s EdgeFlow device processes each image within a second of capture, ensuring high levels of precision and operational efficiency.

Cogniac’s partnership with Doosan Bobcat demonstrates the operational efficacy of Cogniac’s systems in a manufacturing warehouse kitting environment. Visual intelligence technology allows the world’s most innovative companies to optimize their manufacturing processes to continue delivering exceptional products and first-class customer service.


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