Augmented Reality

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Mankind has been benefiting from the technical innovations, engineering applications, and inventions used in daily life to perform particular tasks. From the beginning to the present day, men have made inventions according to their needs for their own convenience.

There is a fundamental discrete between the immense wealth of digital data that we have and the physical world in which we utilize or implement it. Although the reality is three-dimensional, the immense data we have to inform or convey our actions, decisions, and ideas are confined on two-dimensional screens and pages. This gulf between the physical and digital world limited and prevented us from taking advantage of much information and projects.

Augmented reality promises to enclose this gap and bring human’s untapped and unique capabilities to the fore. Augmented reality has gained a lot of attention back in 2016 when the game Go Pokémon facilitates to interact with Pokémon overlayed on the world with a smartphone. Afterward, AR becomes progressively popular. It has emerged as one of the key factors of the tech economy.

What is Augmented Reality?

The applications of Augmented reality have been there for decades, but it came into the public in trust recently when the technologies that are required to unshackle its potential are available.

Augmented reality is a digital medium that allows us to superimpose the virtual content into the physical world in such a way that it seems like the content is physically there. It allows us to merge the digital and physical world. AR is a set of sophisticated technologies with a great force that has the potential to disrupt every single industry on earth. It will even spawn new industries that we have not imagined yet.

Augmented reality is the vanguard in the technology world and it is still growing as AR-ready devices are becoming available across the world. it lets us see our physical environment overlayed with augmented reality such as stegosaurus might be seen as wandering in trees, children are kicking alien spacecraft to score a goal, and baby playing with a pet lion. Though almost all of us interact with this reality every day through Snapchat, it is still unfamiliar to many people. AR is replacing and supplementing training methods and traditional methods at an ever-faster pace.

The Technology behind the augmented reality:

The technical means used by AR includes Multimedia, 3D modeling, Real-time tracking and registration, sensation, and many more. Its working Principle is to apply computer-generated information such as 3D models and images, texts, videos, and music, etc. to the real environment after simulation.

There are four basic phases of AR through which the superimposition of content is possible. They are:

· The augmented reality program captures the picture of an environment using a device such as a smartphone, HMD (head-mounted display), and tablets.

· After, it scans the captured part of the environment to verify a point where to superimpose or overlay the digital information by using trackers and markers such as GPS, infrared, laser, or sensors.

· As the point is identified, the AR solution commands predetermined content to protrude additional environmental footprint with other information.

· Once the required imperative content is requested, the program forms a complete 3D image in a real-world environment overlaid an AR data.

As the augmented reality relates to the progression of our physical environment, it is also to be noted that there are various manners to implement this concept.

It is also to be clear that many in many smartphones there is application software that allows 3D objects and filters, devices themselves do not possess any AR features. Such as Snapchat and Go Pokémon games.

Innovative Applications of AR:

Augmented reality came into the mainstream and got popularity due to the gaming industry. After the game, this immersive technology went far from just entertainment, and nowadays it is involved in every field of life. Now, in 2021, every industry has found ways to involve AR technology to upgrade their services and come out with better outcomes.

Some of AR common uses are demonstrated below:

· Training: AR is served as a game-changer in the education field. Its immersive technology has allowed students to understand the concepts in a better way. It helps students to understand complex information with 3D models. It also enables people to perform various tasks quickly and easily than traditional instruction manuals. As AR devices become widely available, training for various purposes has become tremendous.

· Health care: AR is a great help for healthcare purposes though it is less than VR, it still notably helping medical organizers. In critical surgery cases, it provides in-depth knowledge to surgeons about the risks involved in the surgery. It also helps in training medical staff and also makes the process of onboarding new equipment better and faster with the help of 3D working tutorials. Besides, according to some studies, a scientist has proven that AR can help in treating Phobias.

· Travel and tourism: AR is providing its services in tourism also. If you are walking around in a foreign country, and when you see an interesting landmark obviously you want to know information about it. AR will also help you there, all you need to do is point your smartphone camera at it, and you know everything about it instantly.

· Equipment maintenance: As AR is helping you in performing surgery on a human it also helps you in fixing various equipment whether it is a tracker or any other appliances.

· Gaming and entertainment: AR is captivating the attention of users from games to sports to music as a great source of entertainment. Today, there are dozens of games incorporating AR elements. People of every age are getting entertained through it whether it’s youth enjoying augmented music concerts or children playing with alien spaceships.

· Shopping and retail: Giving customers a virtual option to try out their willing products before buying has been an important trend for the retail industry. May brands like Sephora have understood the plight of females in online shopping and offer them AR services. It helps users to see how makeup products will look on their faces. Also, many other brands give the customers opportunity to try out outfits virtually. Also, for those, who have purchased furniture and after it was delivered It didn’t work in space, the IKEA place app will help them to find out whether this furniture will work for their space or not. For sure it’s a great development in technology to make our life easier.

Augmented reality is also providing its services in many other fields like automobiles, logistics, security, corporate training, indoor and outdoor navigations, and many more.

Difference between AR and VR:

Many people think that augmented and virtual reality is the same thing. For sure, they are similar, but they are also quite different from each other.

Augmented reality is a perfect blend of the physical and digital world to create an artificial environment. Many apps, software, and devices are being used to do so. In AR person is physically present in the environment and interacting with it. Whereas, Virtual reality implies an immersion experience that completely shuts down the physical world. it creates a completely different world and makes an entirely different reality that makes you believe that you are totally into another world. for example; HTC Vive, google cardboard, etc.

· AR creates a real-world environment whereas VR creates a totally riveting environment.

· AR is 25% virtual and 75% real whereas VR is 75% virtual and 25% real.

· In AR you do not need any headset whereas in VR you need a proper headset.

· With AR, end-user remains in the same world and see only additional things on display with which they can interact and it only enhances the real-world whereas, in VR user is isolated from the physical world and engulf in a completely fictional world.

As the future of AR is concerned, according to the market value climbing up to $25 billion it seems too bright. Augmented reality vast and active field. In the future, we are anticipating seeing many exciting inventions and developments. In recent years it has gained a lot of attention. Driven by computer vision and artificial intelligence, it has shown a strong momentum of development.

Today, AR is present everywhere around us making our life quick and easy. In future, the application of AR especially in the term of mobile intelligence will emerge in a large number. In the next few years, smart wearable devices, which can give full play to the advantages of AR technology, will create a more practical amalgamation world for human beings. People can interact with the system in a more natural way of human-computer interaction. In the future, AR technology will change human life considerably, which is an unavoidable trend of technological and scientific development.



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