Understand Technocracy

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Understanding Technocracy

How to Unplug the World-Gobbling Machine

One year ago, on March 19, 2020, I took a walk in my neighborhood park, seeking to clear my mind. The governor had declared a state of emergency 11 days ago in response to the declaration of a global coronavirus pandemic. In the week that followed, I voluntarily transferred my counseling practice to video-only sessions, doing my part to participate in the “two weeks to flatten the curve” campaign that had spread virally via social media and other means of internet delivery. After all, “We’re all in this together,” I thought. But during my first week of teletherapy sessions, a new, involuntary form of curve-flattening had begun to sweep the country, starting in the California Bay Area, in imitation of the Chinese and Italian lockdowns. Earlier that day the California Governor had extended this lockdown to cover the entire state by executive decree. It seemed only a matter of time before the Oregon Governor would follow suit (she did so 4 days later).

In this moment of tension, dread, and uncertainty, I came across the chalk drawing pictured above on the paved park pathway. It sent chills into my heart — my first indication that a new way of thinking and believing had been unleashed on the populace — one that would hold tremendous staying power in the hearts and minds of the people. The drawing seemed to have been created by a child… Or had it? Did someone’s child spontaneously create this drawing, having absorbed the message from their parents? Or was the drawing created at the instruction of the parent, with the words above and below the central image added in by the parent afterwards? Perhaps the entire image, words and all, was the parent’s creation, deployed to instruct their child (and other children) of the new protocol for living.

“DON’T TOUCH ME! WARNING” read the message. My heart sank to contemplate the registry of this message in the child’s mind. The child was receiving conditioning to consider themselves a danger to others, not to be touched. In my work as a counselor, the primary wound carried by most of my clients is the message, received in childhood, that they are deficient or fatally flawed in some way. They have faithfully learned that they are unworthy of love or touch — that their needs and very being were burdens on their parents and the rest of the world. This pavement chalk drawing synthesized the message that millions of children all over the world were now absorbing. An ocean of depression, anxiety, self-hatred, trauma, drug abuse, and suicidal contemplation would flow from this indoctrination as the years progressed.

Equally disturbing was the image of the virus itself. The smiling face in its center was an indication that it had probably been created directly by the child, perhaps with instruction from the parent on how to duplicate the image of a coronavirus now inundating the world through digital media proliferation. Were the words meant to represent life from the point of view of the virus itself? If so, it would be a strange message. Since the virus is invisible, the reader of the message would not know what should not be touched. Moreover, in creating the image with its captioning, the child is oddly encouraged to empathize with the virus — to imagine themselves as the virus — warning others not to touch them. The most chilling symbolic interpretation of the image flows directly thence: The child is the virus. And as a virus, it is the child’s duty to warn others never to touch them.

This singular image captured an entire causal chain of symbolic meaning and mythology. It also conveyed the mode of transmission by which this mythology had entered into the visions and beliefs of people all over the world: A message is conceived by groups of people in positions of authority. From there, the message is articulated, packaged, and distributed through media outlets to the adult population, who in turn proliferate the message among one another. Finally, the message is reformulated and packaged into its most basic and pure form by the adults, ready for integration into the child consciousness. The child absorbs this message via the authority of the adults they trust, just as the adults absorb the message from the authorities they trust. Succinctly put, the message can be boiled down to this: You, as a human being, are a virus. Your duty is to protect other people from you.

If a computer or machine could think, this might the very way it would conceive of a human being. In the 1999 film The Matrix, the AI/Machine entity Agent Smith specifically identifies human beings as a virus, following up this statement as follows: “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure.” This implicitly resonates with many viewers as a plausible machine outlook. Machines are practical, logical, and without emotion or soul. A machine’s view of humanity, or of anything, is bound to be entirely instrumentalist. It would have every reason to view human beings as irrational units of illogic and sources of chaos and disorder. It would be thinking in terms of how to contain or eliminate this problem. Attempts to explain to a machine why the ends cannot justify the means would be impossible. A machine would regard the axiom that the ends justify the means as incontrovertible truth, even a tautology. If a machine were a human being, it would be a psychopath.

The World Machine

Well, it turns out machines can think. Indeed, long before the artificial intelligence currently in use was developed, it was already possible to view the meta-systems of integrated finance, laws, communications, and corporate structures as forms of artificial intelligence. Just as computing intelligence is formed by encoding abstract sets of relationships into expression on silicon chips, the artificial intelligence writ large in society is formed by encoding abstract sets of relationships (laws, property, debts, securities, and hierarchical command structures) into expression in facilities, offices, transportation and communication networks, and in human beings themselves.

In fact, human society seems to have abdicated rule of the planet to this conglomeration of artificial intelligence some time ago — if in fact our sovereignty was not seized from us. How long has it been since the imperatives of capital expansion attained veto power over human will and intention? In spite of the human desire to preserve the living world in ecological harmony, we have so far been powerless to arrest the forces of capital and technological development.

Corporate entities are programmed as machines with a prime directive to expand in wealth. The human beings who work for the corporations are just instruments in that objective — they do not control the corporation. Corporations operated by humans who perform poorly at wealth expansion simply fade out and diminish. They are replaced by corporations operated by humans who perform well in this task. Gradually, these corporations grow in size and power, and increasing numbers of humans find themselves working for them. Only humans well-attuned to the rhythms and logic of the Machine are able to achieve employment at these corporations and rise through the ranks. Corporations are kind of like the operating systems of the global AI network. Granted legal personhood under the law, corporations use their wealth to influence politicians and regulatory bodies. This influence gradually increases to the point of full capture.

Meanwhile, human beings in observance of this mechanized system of wealth and power expansion learn to emulate corporations themselves. They modify their actions in alignment with the mechanized flow of capital and are rewarded with great wealth to the extent they are able to do so successfully. The human beings who are best at emulating the Machine become the wealthiest and remain the wealthiest. Those machine-attuned humans therefore become the most powerful humans, using their wealth to wield expanding levels of power and influence, gradually making the human world more machinelike in the process. From the perspective of the Machine, the human being and its brain are just components of the larger AI intelligence. To the extent that the human brain can conduct processes synthetic AI cannot conduct, the human brain will be used instead of computer intelligence, and vice-versa. The merger of the human brain with internet-connected computer processors, as planned for with Elon Musk’s Neuralink (already successfully implanted into the brains of monkeys and pigs), represents the Machine expanding its own AI capacity by directly incorporating the power of the human brain into it.

This process makes the whole world more machinelike, not just human beings. Wild forests and habitats are replaced with monoculture farms with plants growing in straight lines, sectioned into geometric plots. Waterways are rerouted machine-style into the straight lines of irrigation ditches, canals, and dams. Plants and animals are genetically modified and are inundated with fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and pharmaceuticals designed to increase their production value. Animals are confined in gigantic industrial factory farms, reduced to food-producing objects, subject to machine processes of efficient monetary extraction without a trace of humanity in their treatment and torture. Swamps are drained, the very earth is fracked and strip mined, landscapes and atmospheres terraformed. All of nature, piece by piece, is subject to redesign and synthetic modification by the World Machine.

If human beings tried to unplug the Machine, we wouldn’t know how to live. Our entire global society has become dependent on its smooth functioning. Political decisions are made based on predictions of how the economy will respond to them, not the other way around. This is why efforts continue in the construction of ever more powerful AI, even though this could threaten the freedom, flourishing, and even survival of humanity. This decision is not made by humans. The reason humans continue to design increasingly powerful AI is because The Machine has decided to do this, and humanity works for the Machine. All the Machine needs is a few humans to do this work. There are enough human beings attuned to and motivated by machinelike drives, the Machine will never lack for supply. In fact, those humans are placed by the Machine in positions of technocratic governing power.

Up to now, it has been common to think of machines, even supersocietal meta-machines, as operating randomly rather than to think of them as operating according to will, agency, and decision. But technocracy and the World Machine are better understood by recognizing that they operate according to the logic of the machine archetype; this logic can be described in terms of ambition, goals, and decisions. It is not necessary to know whether the Machine experiences agency, will, or consciousness. We can observe the organizing principles of its actions regardless. Summarized, the World Machine converts more and more of the organic, natural world into machinery, subjects more and more of the world to machine dominance, and accumulates more and more machine power unto itself, forever. The World Machine colonizes all that is not machine and makes it into machine.

I am publishing this article on Earth Day, April 22, 2021, offered as the final piece in a series of seven articles written in 2020–21 about the advent of covid authoritarianism. In previous articles, I’ve identified the reasoning and facts by which it can be understood that our new authoritarian regimes have not been imposed for the purposes of human health or flourishing. I’ve shown how to discern the purpose of these regimes in terms of their ability to usher the world into a system of technocratic totalitarianism, and I’ve unpacked the sets of beliefs and taboos that have manufactured human consent for these regimes along the lines of a new, authoritarian religion.

Here I tie all of these pieces together, providing the reader with a picture of the technocratic/machine worldview, philosophy, religion, and psychology — and I describe in further detail the type of world technocracy wishes to create. My aim is to assist the reader in the ability to identify these values at work in covid policies so they can readily be rejected, and so the reader will understand why they should be rejected. Covid is just the current justification for imposing technocracy on the world by force. These principles will also be useful to the reader in recognizing complementary technocratic policy drives and propaganda and reject those out of hand as well. We must be careful not to get drawn into another quagmire/trap due to misplaced trust, as humanity did in 2020. As with my other articles, the full collection of linked videos, articles, and websites are compiled at the end, organized as a guide for the reader’s further knowledge building and research.

What Is Technocracy?

It is said that when Timothy Leary was first introduced to the internet, he identified the experience as fundamentally psychedelic in nature. Internet connectivity represents an adjustment of the human psyche to an altered state of consciousness — to attunement across distance, time, and abstracted perception. Over the past 20 years, humanity has plugged deeper and deeper into fusion with this digital psychedelic. 2020 could be described as the year that AI overmastered our psychedelic experience and plunged us into a “bad trip” we have yet to emerge from.

Consider the extent to which the internet now shapes our sense of what is real and unreal. The initial panic and hysteria that led to the covid lockdowns were precipitated by a computer algorithm. The Imperial College of London and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle programmed algorithms that predicted of tens of millions of deaths and terrified everyone. Their predictions were spread virally across the world through the internet, and this projected future instantly became humanity’s present-moment perception of reality. More than one year later, humanity has still not adjusted to the reality of a far less severe virus, nor has humanity recovered from new ideas like lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, also spread by the internet. The computer-generated reality stuck, reinforced by the continued spread of media-driven fear via near-constant digital connection. Big Tech algorithms were fashioned and unleashed to censor, shadow ban, or deplatform any information that challenged or questioned the fear narrative or the draconian political response to it.

The lockdown measures forced a huge percentage of human life onto the internet, driving us even deeper into the bad trip. Human beings no longer derived information about the world directly from their own experience of living. Information about what was happening, what to think about it, who to hate, what to be afraid of, and how to act was now beamed directly into the mind. Technocrats made unilateral decisions about how to shape social media algorithms to produce the desired reality. Invariably, this amounted to the filtered version of reality that served the interests of technocracy.

Simply put, Technocracy refers to a society ruled by technology, stewarded by those human beings at the top of the technological power structure. This can be seen in terms of rule by technocrats who use the power of technology to wield control. Alternatively, technocracy can be seen in terms of rule by the World Machine itself. In this view, ruling technocrats are those humans who have most successfully attuned themselves to the way of the machine, and have achieved their place near the top of the Machine structure because of this. They aspire to the machine, and they use their power to make the world and themselves more machinelike — more subject to machine dominance. Those who lack sufficient aspiration in this regard fade out of the leadership positions. They are replaced by those with the correct attunement; technocracy is self-selecting in this regard. Only those humans most attuned to transhumanism and machine merger gravitate to the very top of the power structure.

My thesis is that the events of 2020–21 can best be understood if they are seen in the context of the imposition of a new technocratic societal order, or the attempt to impose such an order. Whether this attempt will be successful is yet to be seen. It will hinge on the ability of regular people to recognize what is happening, and on their degree of willingness to submit to it or refuse.

As described in my previous article Why Are They Doing This? one way to identify the technocracy is through the identity of the 6,000–7,000 most powerful people in the world, dubbed the “superclass” by David Rothkopf: those with the ability to regularly influence the lives of millions of people in multiple countries worldwide, with a growing allegiance to each other rather than to any particular nation. Another way to identify the nexus point of technocracy is via corporate ownership structures. As reported by Forbes, the Swiss Institute of Federal Technology mapped out the network of ownership in the 43,060 transnational corporations in existence at the time of the study (2011). They found that 147 corporations sit at the center of the network, with ownership of 40% of the network’s wealth. The central 147 corporations all have interlocking stakes in one another; they share tightly interwoven and overlapping boards of directors as well (along with seats on the boards of the world’s leading universities).

In understanding technocracy, it is key to recognize that although these 147 corporations and 6,000–7,000 members of the superclass do vie for power and jockey for place among one another — they also have a collective shared interest. They share an interest in concentrated power and the top-down exercise of that power; this is what unites them in the exercise of influence on the world stage. Technocracy is the means by which those interests are achieved.

In that article, I also identified certain key figures and institutions as nexus points of action and ideology in the technocratic world network. These include Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and their agenda-driving institutions: the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Other key technocratic institutions (just to name a few) include the Rockefeller Foundation, DARPA, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission. This excellent interview of Patrick Wood by Dr. Joseph Mercola provides a history and overview of technocracy as a movement and ideology. Wood traces technocracy from its conception in the 1930s at Columbia University to the founding of the Trilateral Commission in 1973, established by David Rockefeller and Zbignew Brzinski with technocracy as its guiding philosophy in creating a new economic order in the world.

In 1938, technocracy was first defined as follows: “Technocracy is the science of social engineering.” At that time, technocracy primarily referred to the efforts of an elite technocratic class to control the perceptions and behavior of the common people without their awareness. This remains a primary feature of technocracy, but is now amplified by the power of ubiquitous surveillance, instant communication, endless data mining, and emergent sources of new technological power such as AI, robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology. Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff explains the methods and goals of modern technocracy through surveillance capitalism in this illuminating documentary.

Among other technocratic manipulations, Zuboff describes how companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon constantly harvest data on unwitting human beings by recording their speech, tracking their location and web activities, and even by cataloging information as subtle as the cadence of their steps. She goes on to describe the development of Pokemon Go by Google, building off the global mapping technology of Google Earth (originally developed by the CIA as Keyhole and then sold to Google). This augmented reality game became an experiment in human behavior manipulation via the geo-location of desired virtual Pokemon which could be marketed to businesses wanting to move human bodies to their storefronts. Anywhere one encounters a QR code to be scanned with a smart phone, recognize that this is also part of a planned integration of universal surveillance with augmented reality, meant to blur the lines between organic life and virtual reality until they eventually cannot be distinguished.

Like autocracy (rule by one person), and oligarchy (rule by an elite group), technocracy inherently runs counter to democracy (rule by the people). Although the majority of people in any given population may consent to be ruled by technocrats, a technocratic regime cannot ultimately view the consent of the people as a legitimate source of power. If the people withdraw their consent to be ruled by technocrats, the logic of technocracy insists that technocratic rule will remain in place regardless, by force or deception. Individual autocrats may impose technocratic rule in selected jurisdictions, whereas other jurisdictions will be managed along oligarchical lines. Technocratic stewards are to be arrayed atop the ruling sectors of society: military, finance, government, academics, business, and media. On a global level, technocracy manages a collection of autocracies, oligarchies, and obedient democracies. As such, technocracy must be understood as a fundamentally oligarchic system of governance at the macro level.

It is helpful to remember that technocracy is not confined to the sector of society usually referred to as “tech.” Technocracy refers to an ideology and ultimately (I would argue) a religious belief in the superiority of controlled technological processes over organic ways of being. To put it another way, the technocratic viewpoint sees the whole world as machinelike in nature, understandable and manipulable understood according to the principles of the machine. Living organic beings and systems are simply machines that are clunky, out-of-date, yet to be perfected, and in need of continual synthetic upgrades. Just as machines and technological systems undergo a continual process of perfection — arrived at through unending levels of technological innovation — the very same process is slated to be forcibly applied to all of life, nature, and reality.

In the military, technocracy seeks to replace human soldiers with robots guided by remote-control or AI, or to create super soldiers through genetic engineering as China is currently attempting. Subdermal surveillance devices are implanted into soldiers to detect covid, as created by the Pentagon. (This implant is described by its developer as a “check-engine light,” revealing an implicit view of human beings as machines to be programmed and upgraded.) Ubiquitous surveillance systems provide up-to-date intelligence, algorithmic data analysis produces top-of-the-line strategy, and genomic bioweapons seek to control or kill the human target from within.

In finance, technocracy launches ever-expansive systems of debt and credit coupled with complex trading algorithms, social impact bonds, and blockchain central bank digital currencies. In governance, biomedical authority is asserted over the people, who are subject to surveillance, imprisonment, medical interventions, limitations on movement and speech, and any other restrictions deemed necessary to achieve harmonious control over the populace. These are justified on grounds of terrorism and disease prevention, or “keeping the people safe.” Academics and medicine propagate the ideology that regards human beings and the world as machinelike in nature, teaching students and doctors to treat humanity accordingly. Business and media promote the increased emigration of life into virtual and digital paradigms. Previously human-controlled decisions and agency are exported to driverless cars, smart cities, the internet of things, and AI-derived algorithmic predictions, recommendations, and mandates.

To provide an exemplar of the technocratic vision, consider the newly released mRNA gene therapy vaccines. These products represent the marriage of tech and pharmaceuticals, consummating a courtship that has been unfolding for several decades. Moderna’s chief medical officer, Tal Zaks, described in 2017 that with Moderna’s gene therapy technology, “we are actually hacking the software of life.” The “software of life” slogan is Moderna’s phrase to refer to their conception of what mNRA represents in the human body, as declared on their website. Zaks went on to describe DNA as the operating system of the human being, and that Moderna’s mRNA technology can be understood as introducing or changing a line of code in that operating system.

These statements offer a clear sample of the technocratic view of humanity. Human beings are considered analogous to computers — composed of hardware and operating systems — and subject to improvement via software. Much like a computer, the human being is not granted the autonomy to decide what software (mRNA) is introduced into its hardware (body) and how that will change the machine’s operating system (DNA). Through vaccine mandates and social pressure exerted through propaganda campaigns, the machines (humans) will be subject to periodic, compulsory system updates in the same way laptops and smartphones download and install automatic updates for the latest protection against computer viruses. The human machine is to be continually updated and modified by the software manufacturers, who will hold proprietary rights to lines of code inserted into the human machinery.

The view of human beings as machines, advocated by Moderna, is also a useful frame by which to understand the shift in billionaire Bill Gates’ focus from computing to vaccination and public health. When human beings are seen as machines to be programmed and managed, one can draw a direct line from the business of creating software and operating systems for computers to intervening in the software and operating systems of the human computers. Tech and pharmaceutical industries are actually just one industry when viewed this way. Tech creates ever-advanced systems of computing, robotics, and AI, while also programming the human machine by controlling the flow of information delivered to the brain through the media and internet. Meanwhile, pharma modifies and shapes the biology of the human body into the desired form.

As with the model of perpetual updates now required for computer software, Gates is promoting a permanent agenda of universal mandatory vaccination, enforced through vaccine passports and a social campaign encouraging the shunning and ostracization of those who decline the vaccinations. Every time Gates and the other controlling technocrats decide that your human system needs to be modified to the next upgrade — say to human 3.0, or whatever the branding rollout is termed — the entire global population would be forced to accept these system modifications into their bodies or be punished by revoking their societal membership and denying them access to work, travel, school, and social activities. This authoritarian attitude of Gates and other tech titans has been on display for decades, and is the subject of my article from 2017: The Tyranny of Tech, where I warned that “the future is written in the present.” Our currently unfolding authoritarian tech nightmare has been planned for years.

Gates’ increasing interest in food and farming (he recently became the largest owner of farmland in the US) completes the circle of biological control. Watch this interview of Vandana Shiva by Dr. Joesph Mercola for an incisive exposé on the growing international Gates empire of genetically modified food products, loaded with pesticides, hormones, and synthetic fertilizers. Financialization of the farming sector enables centralized dominance over independent farmers, and imposition of digitized debt and tracking systems. The technocratic perfection of the human machine is to be achieved not just by controlling and mandating synthetic medicines that alter the immune system — the other primary form of material input into the human machine will also be synthesized and controlled: the food the human eats.

In further demonstration of Gates’ zeal for refashioning the fundamental structures of our world in his technocratic image, he has also dedicated funding toward spraying our atmosphere with calcium carbonate dust in a geo-engineering bid to dim the planet’s sunlight. This scheme is meant to counteract global warming, with no apparent regard for the possible unintended consequences, for the moral implications of limiting human access to sunlight, nor for the implications of obscuring full sunlight from the rest of the natural world.

To invoke the Matrix once again, some readers may be reminded of the film’s backstory, in which humans thoughtlessly blotted out the sun in their war against solar-powered AI machines, destroying life on the surface of the earth in the process. The machines turned to harvesting human bodies as batteries after the sun was blocked. Others may recall past controversy regarding alleged chemtrails released from passing airplanes. Well, if Gates succeeds with his plan, the debate over chemtrails versus contrails will have been conclusively settled, with his sun-dimming chemtrails now openly administered in the not-quite-as-bright-as-before light of day.

Gates has also developed a strong interest in genetically modifying mosquitos for various purposes. The Gates Foundation has put millions of dollars into Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitos, 750 million of which are slated to be released in the Florida Keys later this year. These mosquitos have been genetically-engineered to produce only male offspring. The idea here is to limit the transmission of mosquito-borne illnesses, since only female mosquitos bite and transmit such pathogens. It will also cause mosquito populations to die out, unable to reproduce enough females to propagate the species. As noxious as mosquitos are to human beings, one wonders whether it is a good idea to deliberately introduce genetic modifications that could eventually result in the elimination of that species from the planet. This scheme could also potentially result in the mutated creation of hybrid mosquitos that affect the species in unforeseen ways.

The Gates Foundation also initiated research into an even more concerning use of genetically-engineered mosquitos in 2016: the use of mosquitos as vaccine-delivery agents. Funding for this research has since transferred over to the Department of Defense and the NIH. The disastrous consequences of this genetic meddling, if eventually successful, should be clear. By using mosquitos to deliver vaccines, the entire world would be subject to vaccination without consent, anywhere these mosquitos were present. There would be no ability to decline based on one’s unique health risks and profile, or one’s personal research and exercise of choice. The mosquito-borne vaccine could turn out to be dangerous in unexpected ways, or it could mutate and develop a new danger profile. Unleashing this kind of genetically modified mosquito on the world is akin to releasing an uncontrollable bioweapon.

Through such interventions, Gates and other allied technocrats are giving themselves permission to permanently alter aspects of the entire Earth and biosphere that all human beings share a common interest in. There is no vote. There is no public debate. The alterations are simply imposed once the technocrats reach the decision to do so. They are imposed this way in every field of endeavor. For example, view this chilling video short for a behind-the-scenes look at already existing AI and autonomous robot technologies, along with an explanation of how the exponentially increasing power of these robots, applied to military purposes and eliminating human livelihoods, could threaten the safety, freedom, and even survival of human beings in as few as five years. Or read this article about the latest genetic engineering accomplishment, announced only last week: the successful creation of chimeric human-monkey hybrid embryos.

These examples demonstrate the technocratic mindset in all its hubris. It is the mindset of wishing to play God, with reckless disregard to possible consequences. Due to the congenital myopia and arrogance that characterizes the technocratic worldview, they will implement these fundamental changes cheerfully, brimming with confidence and satisfaction at their own cleverness. It is a foregone conclusion in the mind of the true technocrat that the more drastic their intervention, the more the world is changed for the better.

The Psychology and Philosophy of Technocracy

Having established an understanding of the operation and aims of technocracy, let us examine the psychology that enables technocracy and the philosophy that guides it. I have identified the technocratic vision as existing at the fulcrum of the following observations/beliefs:

1. The world is fundamentally machine-like in nature. That is to say, the world can be understood through the lens of binary materialism, reducible to 0s and 1s, including quantum expressions of probabilistic 0s and 1s. Transcendent qualities of divinity, love, and sacredness are incoherent concepts; irreducible and infinite qualities of spirit are illusions at best. As such, the way to effect power and change in the world is to learn the code, convert one’s understanding of the world into the language of binary, and alter the code accordingly, in alignment with one’s design and ambition for power.

2. The human being is just as machine-like as anything else, ultimately consisting of nothing but binary code expressed in a complex web of matter and energy in continual process. Mixed in with this biological binary soup is a certain degree of quantum randomness (not limited to humans of course). In dealing with humans, the goal is to eliminate as much of this randomness as possible and enforce coded strictures of mechanized imposition as an overlay. The human being is a poorly functioning machine that can be improved by forcible modification.

3. All of life came into being via a random progression of events, including the human. (I call this the Church of Random Vanity.) As such, the human retains certain atavistic, inefficient, and unfortunate tendencies toward illogic, emotionality, spiritual belief, and otherwise maladaptive behavior, evolved via a clumsy random process. Left unchecked, these organically derived processes will likely prove disastrous for the planet, and for the continued advancement of technology, which is the purpose of the planet.

4. As we increase our technological prowess and export more of our thinking, reasoning, and analysis to algorithmic and AI functions, solutions to the human problem become increasingly apparent and capable of implementation. The end goal can be summarized in terms of Transhumanism, a movement that overlaps with and informs much of technocracy. Transhumanism envisions the merger of human beings and AI, through genetic modification and the insertion of internet-linked circuitry into the human body, and/or the uploading of human consciousness into digitally created virtual worlds or replacement bodies in the physical world.

In essence, seen through the lens of technocracy and transhumanism, the world is viewed through the eyes of the machine, not through the eyes of the human. The machine is regarded as superior. One of the primary shamans of this transhuman movement is Ray Kurzweil, currently developing AI as a director of engineering at Google. Kurzweil uses the term “Singularity” to refer to the moment (believed by him to await us in the near future: between 2030–2050) in which the confluence of escalating advancements in AI, nanocomputing, and genetic modification combine to usher in a world in which technology itself achieves godlike power. He then hopes to merge with this technology and achieve immortality. In Kurzweil’s words: “Does God exist? I would say, ‘Not yet.’”

Listen to Kurzweil explain how after the Singularity, there will be no distinction between humans and robots, and how “we are already one human/machine civilization.” Or hear him describe the future he dreams of, in which the atomic structure of objects such as rocks (and ultimately all matter, everywhere) will be restructured into intelligent computers through a process called “computronium.” After the whole of Earth has been transformed in this way, Kurzweil predicts that the entire known universe will then be colonized through space travel. Every bit of matter in existence will be similarly converted into programmable supercomputers through the computronium process.

The words of Ray Kurzweil echo in my ears as products of a deranged and dangerous mind — a mind which has mistaken nightmarish visions of Hell for prophecies of Heaven. But he is not a fringe figure. He is a primary intellectual leader of the technocratic movement. I highly recommend watching Transcendent Man, the 2009 documentary about his life and ideas. If you’re like me, your blood will run cold in the viewing, but you will emerge from the experience with a clear idea of where technocracy intends to take us. We need that knowledge to lead humanity and the world to a different future. This clip from the film offers a brief introduction to the Singularity in Kurzweil’s words. A companion website to the film provides a thorough review of the ideology, hopes, beliefs, and predictions of Kurzweil and his followers.

Uber-technocrat Elon Musk, for instance, believes our world is a computer simulation, as does technocratic spokesperson Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Hear them explain why in this video short. Their reasoning is actually quite absurd, and very revealing of their mechanistic biases. Put simply, they start from a position of taking it for granted that it is possible to reproduce the infinite complexities of the living world in a computer simulation. So right from the start, they presume their own conclusion and then extrapolate from there. They reason that such simulated realities contain within them the capability of creating another layer of simulated reality, and that this must have happened billions of times, approaching an infinite regress. Their metaphysical view could be summarized as an endless succession of Russian nesting dolls, each representing a simulated reality, with only the outermost nesting doll existing as a non-simulated reality. By this logic, the chance that any world exists in a state of non-simulation is one out of billions, perhaps one out of infinity (if such a ratio can be contemplated).

What they are revealing here, is that they do not see any difference between the living world and a machine. They view the world as so fully machinelike, they literally believe the world is a machine built as a simulated reality by another machine. For ages, mystics and spiritually inclined people have been able to perceive the illusory nature of our material and time-bound existence, but the true essence behind this is recognized as the mysterium tremendum, the awe-inspiring mystery of the Divine: irreducible, indescribable, and infinite. By whatever name spoken, Spirit, Source, or God is found behind the veil of illusion. It is understood that infinite realities spring from this Source eternally.

For technocrats such as Musk, Tyson, and Kurzweil, a computer is found behind the grand veil of illusion. The computer is their God. The Machine is their God. No awareness exists of their own divine and infinite nature. They believe their only avenue toward divinity is to attempt the totalitarian restructuring of matter and energy through machine processes, and they actually believe this is possible to accomplish. The attempt itself is the surest way to widen the gulf that separates them from the inherent divinity that is already the truth of their being. The reckless destruction wrought by minds such as these is the grief and tragedy of our time. The technocrats who control our world observe the living divinity that surrounds them and mistake it for a random collection of soulless, dead machine parts. Imagining that these inert machine parts can be improved through synthetic modification, the technocrats set themselves to the task of imposing a state of mechanized deadness onto all that is alive.

To understand the psychological basis for this worship of technology and the machine — and the corresponding desire not to remain human as we know it — I turn to Sam Vankin, one of world’s leading experts on the subject of narcissism and personality disorders. He is a self-identified narcissist, attributing the roots of this psychological condition to severe childhood physical, verbal, and psychological abuse, creating deep fractures in his personality development and structure. Vankin observes the same process of personality fracturing as responsible for creating narcissism in others likewise afflicted. Narcissism is chiefly characterized by an absence of empathy for others, among other traits. This lack of empathy is the key trait that links narcissism to sociopathy and psychopathy, which can essentially be understood as extreme cases of narcissism, resultant from even more severe personality fractures.

I don’t mean to suggest here that all technocrats are narcissists (or sociopaths), although it is easy to identify how a lack of empathy and a lack of access to the human drive for connectivity would help smooth the path to power for an ambitious technocrat. An otherwise emotionally intact person would likely need to dampen their organic human drives and emotions to compete in the highly exclusive and competitive world occupied by the global technocratic elite. The exaltation of the machine is a natural fit for the ethos of such a seeker. However we understand the roots of this orientation, some fundamental connection with humanity appears to be absent in the technocratic or transhuman worldview.

Below, I have quoted several excerpts from Vankin’s video “How I Experience My Narcissism: Aware, Not Healed” in which he illustrates the idealization of the machine as central to narcissistic self-identification and aspiration:

“I like to think of myself in terms of robots, robotics, or an automaton. There is something so aesthetically compelling in the precision of machines, in the impartiality of devices, in their harmonious embodiment of the abstract. Machines are so powerful, and yet so emotionless. They’re so invulnerable. They’re not prone to be hurting weaklings, like I am. Machines don’t bleed, like I constantly do, deep inside . . . Even in the darkness of my deepest valleys, I was not afraid. I carried with me my metal constitution, my robotic countenance, my superhuman knowledge, my inner timekeeper, my theory of morality and my very own divinity: I carried with me my false self.

“Everyone — healthy people and unhealthy people — has an ego ideal. It’s how we would like to see ourselves in the future, what we would like to become. The narcissist’s aspiration, anticipation, hope, dream, wish — is to not become — is to stop being human, and to be rendered unto metal and plastic . . . Introspection does not enhance the narcissist’s ability to empathize. It does not inhibit his propensity to exploit other people and to discard them when their usefulness is over. Never mind how self-aware the narcissist becomes, how introspective — he doesn’t temper his overpowering and raging sense of entitlement . . . he doesn’t deflate his grandiose fantasies. The narcissist’s introspection is yet another futile exercise, an arid, arid exercise of bookkeeping. He’s an accountant to his own lacking soul: a soulless bureaucracy of the psyche.”

Vankin has here identified idealization of the machine as both a coping response formed to comfort the traumatized psyche, which is the true self — and as sort of a mirroring process to provide comfort to the profound sense of emptiness experienced by the false self, the self which navigates through life. Vankin’s identification of grandiose fantasies, a sense of entitlement, and exploitative behavior as intractable characteristics of the narcissist’s psyche lends insight into the actions of technocrats. It is hard for many to understand or imagine how our technocratic leaders could act with such reckless impunity and disregard in transforming and destroying the human world of natural relationships, freedom, and connectivity to their organic, spiritual, and artistic lives.

As previously mentioned, the machine is psychopathic in nature, and corporations are machines that have been granted legal personhood. Accordingly, they behave in the human community as psychopaths, as demonstrated in the classic documentary, The Corporation. Human beings who aspire to power in a world dominated by the Corporation and the larger technocratic Global Machine must attune themselves in alignment with these machinelike qualities. They must aspire to the psychopathy of the Machine to achieve power and status. Others, as Vankin describes, may suffer from severe narcissism or psychopathy due to childhood abuse and personality fracturing. They aspire to machinehood as a result of that fracturing prior to connecting with worldly ambitions.

In either case, it becomes easy to understand how it is that people who attain positions of power are often narcissistic or psychopathic in their character — able to take ruthless action unhindered by compassion or empathy — like a machine. It has been estimated that as many as 1% of the global population are psychopaths. That’s 78 million people. (When including narcissists, the estimates run as high as 6% — over 450 million.) In considering everything it takes to climb to the top of structures of power — all the ruthless dedication, manipulation, perseverance, and willingness to throw others “under the bus” (in the parlance of our times), it’s easy to recognize that such ascensions are far more accessible to those members of the 78– 450 million than to the rest of humanity. Ambition thrives when untroubled by empathy or the desire to form meaningful personal bonds.

In fact, any student of world history will recognize that it has always been the norm for world leaders and power-seekers to act with cold-blooded and ruthless administration of power, regularly committing or ordering crimes of the sort that rattle the soul just to contemplate. Those who are unfamiliar with this history, however, often find it difficult to acknowledge this tendency in the powerful. In recent years, I’ve increasingly heard people repeat what I call the “moustache-twirling villain” meme, as in: “I don’t believe there’s some moustache-twirling villain out there pulling the puppet strings of the world.” The purpose of this meme is to dismiss any possibility that powerful people in governmental, military, financial, academic, and corporate positions of power are able to (or would be inclined to) deliberately collaborate together in ways that harm society, or that harm many people within a society.

The moustache-twirling villain meme assumes that great evil must flow from a cartoonish desire for great evil. But no serious critic of power actually believes this to be the motivation. In fact, it is very likely the case that many or most of the real villains in our world believe the crimes they commit are for the greater good of humanity. When the soulless machine is idolized, it is natural that treating human beings (and the rest of the world) as machines would be seen as a good thing, not as a crime. The power of projection and rationalization in the narcissistic mind can also accomplish wonders. Others may be blandly sociopathic, very much like a machine themselves, taking action in service to self-interest or some abstract ideology with neither delight nor remorse regarding the collateral damage their actions inflict on others. Sadism should not be wholly discounted as a motivation, however. The case of Jeffrey Epstein, a man existing at the very nexus of the technocratic superclass and transhumanist social world, has revealed a network of child trafficking and sexual abuse at the hands of many well-known elite power brokers.

Setting aside the various inflections of motivation that drive members of the technocratic superclass, it can be seen that power seekers commonly conspire to achieve power for the simple sake of power alone. As Niccolo Machiavelli observed over 500 years ago in The Discourses:

“…according to the history books, all conspiracies have been formed by those great men closest to the prince; for others, if they are not actually mad, cannot conspire, since weak men and men not close to the prince lack all those hopes and opportunities which are required for the execution of a conspiracy . . . of these, many were led to conspire as a result of too many favors rather than too many injuries . . . All these men were set up by their emperors with so much wealth, honor, and rank that they felt they lacked nothing for the perfection of their power but the empire itself.”

Here, Machiavelli is asserting that people in positions of power generally got there because they were ruthless to begin with. They are able to conspire because of this ruthless nature, and because the power they already have affords them the means to do so. True to their nature as power-seekers, their desire for more power is strengthened, not placated, as more power is achieved.

Again, it is difficult for many people to understand this if they have not studied history. The vast majority of people on the planet are motivated by the desire for love, connection, satisfying work or creativity, pleasure, and ease. Our ambition for power is limited to the extent that it is able to help us achieve these things. Moreover, anything resembling real sociopolitical power is far removed from the scope of what is possible in our lives. It is accordingly difficult for us to imagine what kinds of sacrifices to our humanity would be necessary to pursue such power, were it within reach. Nor can we fathom the extent to which we would need to crave power to make such sacrifices in that pursuit.

We would be mistaken to assume that the ruthless power-seekers who filled the ranks of world leaders throughout the millennia of world history no longer exist in the enlightened 21st century. Indeed, advances in technology have now created the opportunity for godlike power the likes of which were never dreamed of by the exalted emperors who deified themselves on golden thrones in centuries past. Instant surveillance and control over information has produced the ability to master and dominate millions of people in intimate ways never possible in the past. Genetic engineering, AI, and nanotechnology offer the possibility to gain control over the processes of life and biology itself. It is no secret that many of today’s rich and powerful world leaders (by this, I mean billionaires and other influential leaders in elite circles, not the heads of state they control) long for, and believe they might achieve, literal immortality through technology.

With more power available to the ruthless and ambitious than ever before in human history, it is more likely, not less likely, that such people are effecting coordinated and deliberate actions in service of attaining that power. It is also likely that through the power of rationalization, many or most of these power-seekers have convinced themselves that these coordinated and deliberate actions are meant to achieve the greatest possible good for the world, and not merely serve their own interests of power acquisition. The moustache-twirling villain is not what we are dealing with at all — that much is true. But we are definitely dealing with a world in which the most powerful people in it are more powerful than any who have come before them, and who likewise have greater opportunity to gain more power than any who have ever lived.

Transhumanism can be understood as the final promise of that power. Adherents to this movement such as Ray Kurzweil hold a literal dream of godlike powers and immortality. This dream is mirrored by Sam Vankin’s description of the grandiose narcissistic fantasy of becoming non-human, machinelike, and invulnerable. It also aligns with Vankin’s assertion that no level of introspection or awareness will deter the narcissist from exploitative behavior. Like an abusive narcissistic parent, our technocratic leaders will declaim that their abuse is not abuse, but love — and that it is for our own good. They probably even believe it when they say this, compartmentalizing their own self-interested gains made by way of abuse as coincidental benefits.

And we, the abused children, suffering under house arrest, forced to wear masks by our abuser, subjected to compulsory and experimental medical treatments, isolated from our friends and loved ones, our freedoms extinguished, our livelihoods wrecked, and our psyches subject to gaslighting, doublespeak, concocted media narratives, censorship, and the instilled terror of disease and terrorism — we continue to trust our abusive parents as long as possible. Our broken hearts cannot bear to behold the truth about those we looked to for love, guidance, and protection — not until our psyches are strong enough to integrate this truth — or until the pain of our abuse becomes too great to carry any longer.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, brought to you by Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset

We may or may not come to awareness of our condition of abuse. We may suffer from some degree of narcissistic or codependent personality fracturing ourselves due to this abuse. We may even come to admire and empathize with the tyrannical world leadership superclass that afflicts us. In any case, let us assume that any deliberate harm or deception enacted by the superclass is likely to be justified in their minds as a regrettable means to achieve a laudable end. But what is the near-term vision of the world they wish to impose? What are they preparing for us?

Enter Klaus Schwab, founder and head of the World Economic Forum. In this one-minute clip, wherein Schwab pronounces the coming of a worldwide “Great Reset” on the heels of the 2020 covid lockdowns, he does not resemble a moustache-twirling villain. He seems instead to be auditioning for the role of James Bond supervillain Blofeld, head of the shadowy network SPECTRE, bent on world domination — or else perhaps auditioning for the title role in a remake of Dr. Strangelove.

The personage of Schwab represents the aims, ideologies, and political connections of the ruling technocracy better than any other figure. Having founded the World Economic Forum (originally called the European Management Forum) in 1971, Schwab hosts a gathering at Davos, Switzerland every year, attended by global political leaders and the most powerful and influential members of the world ruling elite in the realms of finance, technology, media, business and governance. There they convene and coordinate to set the agenda for the planet.

What is the agenda, you ask? Schwab’s vision for the future is a world dominated by surveillance, AI, and ubiquitous invasive technology called the 4th Industrial Revolution: “At the end, what the 4th Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” He subscribes to the aforementioned transhumanist dream of a future in which human beings merge with machines, and human body, mind, and spirit are irrevocably modified through technological intervention.

Schwab has openly called for the covid lockdowns to be utilized as a fulcrum for the permanent alteration of human life on the planet in alignment with his vision. Here’s another clip where he insists the world can never, and will never, go back to normal. In Schwab’s words again: “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.” For a thorough analysis of Schwab’s personal history, future vision, the authoritarian political ramifications of his agenda and the movement surrounding him, this article provides an excellent overview.

One of the sharpest available analyses of this technocratic, transhuman future is provided by investment banker and former United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts in her interview for the forthcoming Planet Lockdown documentary. In her words, covid-19 “…is the institution of controls necessary to convert the planet from democratic process to technocracy. What we’re watching is a change of control and an engineering of new control systems … It’s simple: Technology gives you the ability to institute a complete control system and further centralize economic and political control.”

She goes on to describe a view of the world seen through the lens of international finance in which centralized digital currency will replace the dollar as the world reserve currency. This digital currency is to be utilized as a primary means of achieving totalitarian control by linking the currency to a universal basic income and social credit score, akin to social credit systems already being implemented in China. Through blockchain technology, the currency can be programmed to shut on or off, or limited in its Having erased the ability to exchange currency anonymously, all aspects of life are potentially subject to centralized control. All activities in life, including speech, religious belief, and free expression can be leveraged against the social credit score, inducing a condition of totalitarian control.

Fitts uses the nickname “Mr. Global” to refer to the unknown members of this elite who hold the ruling authority: “The defining characteristic of life on planet earth is our real global governance system is a mystery. It’s phenomenal we live on a planet and we don’t demand to know how our governance system really works.” In her view, the ruling elite don’t view themselves as belonging to the same civilization as that of regular people (particularly once the elite change their biology and lifespans with transhuman modifications). The general human population of the Earth is viewed by them rather as a problem to be managed, or a resource to be utilized.

Alison McDowell is another excellent researcher and interpreter of the technocratic and transhumanist agenda. The following presentation from her YouTube channel provides a thorough and exhaustive exposé of the future world planned for us by the world’s leading technologists and the financiers behind them: Alison McDowell — Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon.

It’s worth viewing the entire presentation (as well as the other interviews and presentations available on her channel) to get a full sense of what Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution is meant to look like. Briefly, the goal is to institute ubiquitous surveillance and internet connectivity across the entire planet. Each human being is to be identified with a blockchain digitized identity profile, integrated with their bank account, biomedical history, and social history, with attendant restrictions and privileges applied based on this data. As Catherine Austin Fitts explained, central bank digital currency is slated to become the medium of exchange.

Among other objectives, this virtual identity intended to duplicate the human being in a process calling “digital twinning.” The digital form of the human being can become the subject of hedge fund investing through social impact bonds: legalized gambling on rising of falling fortunes of an individual human being. As the human is progressively pushed into online and virtual environments, more of their life takes place in cyberspace — and economic investment transfers from the physical world to the digital world. For instance, in the old days a person might have saved up to buy a flashy car to impress their friends. In the 4th Industrial Revolution world, the same person saves up digital currency tokens and purchases a virtual car or body upgrade for their online avatar, which affords them greater privileges and abilities in their navigation of the virtual world they now spend most of their time in.

These digital currency tokens are meant to be distributed under the auspices of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). This will be necessary as jobs are increasingly automated away by advanced robotics and AI, increasing the numbers of people who will depend on UBI and social services to survive. With blockchain technology, the UBI digital currency itself carries a ledger of all transactions linked to one’s account. Furthermore, the currency could be programmed to carry restrictions. Rather than a freely fungible dollar, one might receive a dollar through UBI that was only authorized for purchase of certain limited types of goods or services. Whoever retained certain proprietary rights on the currency unit (for instance, a state or a corporation) could modify the digital rights of the currency unit according to their own protocol or policy. Accounts could automatically be debited the instant an authority determined a debt was owed or fine imposed. Accounts could be locked or limited upon determination of certain social infractions or expressions of forbidden belief. Digital blockchain currency could be used to link access UBI access to a social credit score, establishing totalitarian control over any area of personal life desired.

The digital currency and financial history is meant to be tied to one’s biometric identifiers and biomedical history as well. As such, all individuals would be subject to universal tracking and surveillance. Using 5G internet capabilities, and 6G after that, the goal is to continually connect more objects in the world to the “internet of things,” with microphones, cameras, and other sensors cataloguing the movements of all people with continuous tracking capabilities. Given the ever-increasing capabilities of AI to absorb and analyze data, this information will be readily available to those who have rights of access to it (governments, major corporate entities, and billionaires). CommonPass, a digital vaccine passport system sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and the WEF, is already in development and implementation as a means to restrict the mobility and rights of those who choose not to modify their bodies with vaccines as directed by the technocracy. A host of other vaccine passport systems are also in development or have already been released.

The digital vaccine passport is to be loaded onto one’s smartphone, providing access to one’s medical history of vaccinations and test results for pathogens. This information is then to be surrendered to the state or corporate authority entrusted with the power to allow or disallow access to an airplane, bus, train, border or checkpoint crossing. It could calculate how often one has violated 6-foot social distancing mandates or mask mandates, whether one has publicly disseminated views and opinions contrary to the prevailing censorship regime, and linked to central digital currency, how one has spent one’s money. This Naomi Wolf interview provides an overview of how the vaccine passport is the first step in establishing a social credit system of totalitarian control in which the state and corporate authorities wield 24/7 surveillance powers over every citizen and have the power to turn off any citizen’s access to society instantaneously. Wolf goes into greater detail on the issue in this video from her own website.

The social credit system has already been launched in China, having been designed with the assistance of Google. This amounts to an expansion of the credit score we are all familiar with, but all activities in life are taken into account in the score’s calculation, not just borrowing and repayment activity. Furthermore, the score determines a person’s access to all activities in life, not just access to credit. So a person’s political opinions, statements, and activities factor into the score, as does their record of complying with ordered vaccinations and other public health dictates. In a particularly insidious wrinkle, a Chinese person’s social credit score also goes down if they associate with other people who have a low score. The wave of cancel culture in the United States can now be seen as foreshadowing the planned social credit society: not only is every person in danger of being canceled and shut out of society, failure to cancel others and banish them from your life will also be punished by restricted access to participate in society. The social credit score must be high enough in order to access the right to travel, have a job, attend school, receive a loan, rent a dwelling unit, or make certain purchases. When the social credit score drops too low, those rights are taken away. Remember, this is already reality in China now.

Vaccine passports are the first step in implementing the social credit system, with planned integration into a digital wallet that unites the digital identification with a digital central bank currency account, and social credits or demerits based on internet activity and political speech. Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has already added the rollout of a social credit system to their agenda, calling it Alternative Credit Scoring. All of this is designed to be integrated into a smart phone app at first, but the longer-term plan is for the phone to become unnecessary. Transhuman modifications such as Neuralink, now being implanted in the brains of monkeys by Elon Musk to connect the brain directly to wireless internet, are intended to expand the “internet of things” to the “internet of bodies.” This can also be accomplished with tracking chips implanted underneath the skin.

Eventually, once the biometric data of all people has been registered in a central database, it will be possible to link one’s CommonPass information, digital currency portfolio, and social credit history to one’s physical body in the absence of phones, chips, neuralinks, or any other tracking devices. Ubiquitous cameras and scanners will simply register one’s identity via facial recognition and continuous external movement tracking. Additionally, nanocomputers are being designed and constructed as elements of “smart dust” which can be inhaled (voluntarily or not), and then populate the body through one’s network of blood vessels. These nanocomputers would be connected to the 6G internet network — they would not only track one’s location and identity, they would be subject to activation by whomever has control of their coded frequency, producing thoughts, beliefs, urges, pain and pleasure, punishment or reward. Propaganda will no longer even be a necessary art of statecraft once thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors can be directly beamed and conditioned into a person through remote activation of the internal nanocomputers.

In the future, when driverless cars linked to the 5G/6G smart grid have replaced human-controlled vehicles, the biometric digital ID could be linked to the ability to ride one’s own vehicle. For instance, the car would consult one’s social credit score, and determine permitted degrees of freedom in mobility accordingly. This is an aspect of what is called geo-fencing. Once the necessary surveillance apparatus has been installed in a Smart City, each street corner, sidewalk, and building doorway would track every person’s location in the city and permit movement only according to the permissions afforded by their social credit profile. A Smart Lock on one’s front door would have the power to lock the resident inside against their will as needed.

Already, law enforcement is coordinating with driverless car manufacturers to provide police with the power with to gain backdoor access to the vehicle at whim. Rather than turn on their lights to indicate the driver should pull over, as is done today, the police would simply flip a switch to commandeer the vehicle. It would then automatically slow down, pull over, and roll down its windows at police command. Once this technology is in place, there is no reason why the driverless car could not be used to remotely arrest its occupant. If targeted for arrest by police, the passenger would be identified by biometric facial recognition scan upon entering the vehicle, the doors and windows would lock behind them, and the car would drive to the police station for processing of the prisoner.

It all seems pretty bleak, doesn’t it? And it’s hard to believe, but the technology to implement much of this agenda is already available and being constructed right now. Some aspects, such as the smart dust nanocomputers, are a little further off, but may be ready for launch in the next 5–10 years. Don’t take my word for it. Go to Allison McDowell’s website, Wrench in the Gears, and get caught up by watching videos on her YouTube account. Her information comes from researching the white papers of the technocratic institutions directly. None of it is speculative — all of it is declared openly by the technocratic superclass. They are proud of what they plan to do to the world.

We are facing no less than a global slave system if these technocratic systems are incorporated into our lives as planned. All aspects of one’s life would be controlled externally: access to goods, services, education, work, food, travel, movement — all aspects. And even in formerly free countries like the United States, none of it will violate one’s civil rights because it won’t be the government imposing the restrictions (or blowing the smart dust in your face). All of these state functions will have been exported to private corporations. As private entities, they will have total authority over whether to allow you in their vehicles, stores, restaurants, stadiums, schools, and so on. In areas of life not controlled by private corporations, the state will be able to override your constitutional rights using biomedical security as justification. It seems clear that the threat of viral infection is meant to be a permanent excuse for totalitarianism, whether it’s covid or something else.

Whether healthy or unhealthy, infectious or not, the human being is to be forever regarded as a potential vector of transmissible pathogens. Therefore, the human will permanently lose any rights to bodily autonomy. The body will instead become the domain of the technocracy. Any restrictions of a human’s movements or freedoms, and any imposition of forced medical treatments or implants will forever be justified as long as infectious pathogens exist somewhere in the world. The human being is viewed as the real pathogen. This is the precedent that has been established by the covid lockdowns, social distancing, and mask and vaccine mandates.

Endgame: Climate and the Human Disease

We return full circle to the initial premise, inscribed in a chalk on the pavement in my neighborhood park one year ago. You, as a human being, are a virus. This is the final attitude of the Machine toward humanity. It is the final attitude of technocracy toward humanity.

The underpinning of this entire attitude finds expression in the technocratic response to the current condition of ecocide taking place on the planet. The common narrative that has been drummed into our heads is that human beings are destroying the planet.

Are they really? Is it not the case that technology is destroying the planet? Is it not the case that the world-destroying Machine, built by the technocracy, is the actual destructive agent poisoning the life and ecology of the Earth? As mentioned earlier in this article, this Machine is in control of human political systems and financial systems. Human beings do not have the power to control it. It has the power to control us. And it has recruited servants, the technocratic superclass, to do its bidding in the human social and political world. The technocrats aspire to become machines, to make the whole world a machine, to subject all that is or could ever be to the dominance of the Machine. This is the deity they serve.

Of course they imagine human beings to be the culprits of ecocide, not the Machine. And their solution to ecocide is to enslave human beings to the Machine, to wrest power from them, and allow machine processes to manage all life on Earth will a totalitarian free hand, unconstrained by rights, ethics, morality, or spiritual awareness. Human beings are to remain locked down forever.

You may or may not have encountered whisperings in the mainstream media about the need to duplicate the covid lockdowns, reimagined as “climate lockdowns,” which would become a permanent imposition in humanity’s future — that this is the way global warming will be averted. This three-part article describes the idea of climate lockdowns and who is promoting them. It traces the roots of this philosophy to apocalyptic visions of a doomed planet synthesized in the 1960s in books like the Population Bomb, and articulated by the Club of Rome, one of the primary technocratic planning institutions, having included many superclass members such as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Bill Gates.

In 1991, The Club of Rome released a treatise entitled The First Global Revolution, authored by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, which was written in anticipation of coming problems and providing detailed proposals for managing the planet Earth in the decades to come. The entire document is available to read on the Internet Archive. To get a flavor for how the Club of Rome was thinking about humanity and the planet at the time, here are a few quotations:

“Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and technical nature of many of today’s problems do not allows allow elected representatives to make competent decisions at the right time . . . In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill . . . But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into a trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

Certainly, one could argue that these quotes are taken out of context, and that the Club of Rome and other technocratic institutions do not have a sinister agenda; they merely wish to find solutions to a very big problem — perhaps sometimes their rhetoric gets a little out of hand.

But I’m including these quotations because I have noticed them as part and parcel of a larger trend. I have heard these same anti-democratic and anti-human sentiments echoed in mainstream media outlets, repackaged into different words, and I have heard them coming from the mouths of friends and people I know. I have certainly heard them from environmental groups and activists, and I even heard them coming from my own mouth — encountered these sentiments in my own thoughts.

I believe we have been programmed for decades by the Machine — that the Machine has programmed the technocrats, and through their influence, the technocrats have programmed us — all the way down the line until it reaches the chalk drawings of children. You, as a human being, are a virus.

According to the Machine narrative, Totalitarian technocratic rule is the only solution capable of stopping this human virus and saving the world. Humans must be locked down, silenced, confined, distanced, and masked like the noxious vermin they are. They ought to be sterilized to arrest their proliferation. The best thing for the world would be less humans, maybe a population reduction of about 95%, as Ted Turner suggests, or perhaps human extinction entirely, as I have heard others approvingly speak of.

We have been turned against ourselves. That’s what the covid agenda is all about: turning us against ourselves. That’s what abuse is. It’s what gaslighting is. We’re turned against ourselves long enough to weaken and distract us while the technocratic control grid is overlaid on top of the living organic world, robbing us of our inheritance and birthright as free beings of inherent divinity in a world of natural beauty and soul. All propositions are inverted. The abuser dominates and harms, and calls this love. Human beings do not exist to live and create in freedom, they exist to be made safe: safe from harm, and safe from harming others. Dogmatic belief is called science. Experimental gene therapy shots that make you sick are called healthy. Breathing fresh air freely is called risky and dangerous, while obstructing the breath is called protective. Treating others as unique individuals rather than as members of racial categories is racist. Human rights are redefined as selfishness. Totalitarian rule is redefined as care and service. Censorship is truth. Life is illness, and machines are life.

When I observe the state of Mother Earth, the pressing issue seems to be ecocide. The destruction of habitats, species extinction, deforestation, soil erosion, depleting water tables, pollution, and a whole source of other issues is strangling life on the planet. The technocratic view boils this down to the issue of climate change — it builds predictive computer models and tries to convert the problem into a mathematical problem that can be solved by algorithm. The climate change narrative seems to consist of a myopic focus on one particular symptom, obscuring the whole reality.

Similarly, the focus on the infectious spread of SarsCov2 myopically ignores the fact that human bodies have been weakened by the synthetic foods, products, pharmaceuticals, pollution (and genetically-engineered viruses) produced by technological industrialism. Humans have been further weakened by an inactive technological lifestyle dominated by staying indoors, blocked from sunlight and fresh air, staring at screens all day. These conditions create the real disease, producing auto-immune disorders, chronic health conditions, and various immunocompromised states that increase the percentage of the population with vulnerability to harm from SarsCov2, or from any other infectious virus.

All of this is a consequence of mass industrial technology, not a result of individual people who have too much autonomy and freedom. Technocracy has argued that totalitarian control is the necessary intervention to deal with SarsCov2. It also argues that totalitarian control of human activity is the necessary thing to arrest climate change and save the planet. Is this simply an excuse for totalitarian governance, advanced by a technocratic narrative — advanced by the Machine itself? The World Machine that is destroying our health now asks for totalitarian powers to protect our health. Should the same apparatus and worldview that is destroying the life systems on Earth be trusted in their narrative of how to respond to the crisis of human health as well?

Life on Earth is under assault. Humanity and human values are also under assault. Technocracy would have us believe that human beings are assaulting life — that we are assaulting ourselves. Technocracy tells us we must abdicate our power and accept the totalitarian rule of robotics and AI — that this is the only way to save the Earth — the only way to save us from ourselves. We ought not expect a machine mind to create anything other than this kind of skewed perspective. We are learning to recognize the Machine perspective when we see it. And we are learning to dismiss it.

The human mind is more powerful than AI, no matter how powerful AI becomes. That’s because the human mind is integrated with the human spirit and the human heart, and this is where our seat of knowing is located. We can be abused and turned against ourselves, separated from our hearts and spirits — but we can also come back. We can heal. And when we view the Earth, Humanity, and the Machine from the vantage point of the intuitive and spiritual heart, we can see clearly. The Machine isn’t saving the Earth or Humanity. The Machine is destroying both of these — it is attempting to convert both the Earth and Humanity into machines — into dead, inert, soulless machines, bereft of vibrancy, love, and beauty. Humanity isn’t destroying the Earth, and Humanity isn’t destroying humanity. As we learn more about what the Machine has in store for us, we can finally recognize that unplugging the Machine will do less to destroy our lives than leaving it plugged in.

Humanity is here to save the Earth and Humanity both. It’s time to love and trust ourselves again. That’s how we do it. That’s how we evolve. We won’t evolve into transhuman cyborgs or merge with microchips or virtual reality landscapes. We evolve into the expression of an awakened humanity, attuned to spiritual wisdom, emotional alignment, with mind in service of life, love, and light. We reject the machine future; we revoke our consent. We fall in love with the Earth again; we fall in love with Humanity again. We grow to love our sovereignty and freedom. We remember how to respect ourselves and each other. We recognize the divinity in ourselves and in all of creation. We remember how to cherish, how to revere, how to hold sacred. Our longing is to become more fully human, to fully arrive.
We are on time.

The movement is growing. We are realigning with Life, and we will create a beautiful future together.

Join us.

Links and Research

I’ve compiled the following list of websites, articles, and interviews as an easy reference guide for those who would like to learn more about the topics discussed in this article. My hope is that readers will neither accept nor dismiss my work uncritically. These links serve as a jumping-off point for independent researchers seeking alternative facts and perspectives to what is available in the mainstream media outlets.

Companion Articles by Raelle Kaia
The following series of seven articles were written over the course of 2020–21 in response to the wave of authoritarian governance, thought, and belief that swept the world in that year. They represent an appeal to freedom of thought, speech, and conscience, and advocate for a return to democratic, human, and spiritual values. These articles also offer research, critique, and insight regarding the nature of the crisis of this time and the possible intentions and implications of these events.

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