Network Automatic Pruning: Start NAP and Take a Nap

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Network Automatic Pruning: Start NAP and Take a Nap


本文提出了自動化的Pruning方法,取代先前大多採用手動調整壓縮率的Pruning方式,在Fine-grained pruning和Structured pruning上都有不錯的效果。概念與NAS自動搜尋網路架構的方式很類似,幾乎不需要調整到Hyperparameter。三位作者皆來自Uber旗下的Uber ATG公司

Fine-grained pruning removes individual parameters from a network, and thus saves the storage space and benefits for embedded systems. Structured pruning, on the other hand, typically removes whole
channels (filters) from a network and thus achieves inference
speed-up with no need of any hardware specialization.



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