MerzFiles #07: Happy New Year!

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MerzFiles #07: Happy New Year!

2020 was in some ways okay year. Seriously

You might probably say: “what”, or “huh?”, or “not again”, but I’m right (as always): it’s Old New Year, celebrated in Russia with Julian Calender. OK, I’m not in Russia for decades, but still celebrating both: 2x Xmas, 2x New Years. I mean, why not?

You probably missed it, but I had celebrated New Year in Kremlin once.

So, Happy New Year, everyone, and I will focus on this email on

(drumroll) The year 2020.

Not again!

(you will say). “I don’t want to hear about this doomed year”. But let’s look at the bright sides of the last year. For example: my articles (Vain-o-meter: 101%).

So what had I done the last weeks before 2020 became history?


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