Daily Newsletter — 26th December 2020

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Daily Newsletter — 26th December 2020

An open-source MLOps framework, Data Analysis Project Walkthrough on Crimes against Women and a Chrome Extension for sharing Jupyter Notebooks in today’s Data Science Daily 📰

ZenML — open-source MLOps framework 💻

ZenML is an extensible, open-source MLOps framework for using production-ready Machine Learning pipelines — in a simple way. The key features of ZenML are:

  • Guaranteed reproducibility of your training experiments. Your pipelines are versioned from data to model, experiments automatically tracked and all pipeline configs are declarative by default.
  • Guaranteed comparability between experiments.
  • Ability to quickly switch between local and cloud environments (e.g. Kubernetes, Apache Beam).
  • Built-in and extensible abstractions for all MLOps needs — from distributed processing on large datasets to Cloud-integrations and model serving backends.
  • Pre-built helpers to compare and visualize input parameters as well as pipeline results (e.g. Tensorboard, TFMA, TFDV).
  • Cached pipeline states for faster experiment iterations.

GitHub: https://github.com/maiot-io/zenml

Crimes Against Women in India — Data Analysis with Python Project 📊

Dive deep into Sathi’s project on Data Analysis of “Crimes Against Women in India in the span of 2001–2014”. Through this project, she has tried to analyse and find out statistically how different types of crimes against women have been reported and evolved over a given period, whether the situation has gotten worse or improved at some level, which states had the worst reported cases etc.

She has also tried to raise questions related to the dataset provided and answer them as well through this project, watch the video to find out more about the situation in India, state-wise and crime-category wise as well!

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/5Q-1-R0JK5Y

Project Code: https://jovian.ai/sathi-satb/crime-against-women
Dataset: https://www.kaggle.com/greeshmagirish/crime-against-women-20012014-india
Medium blog:

Check out her Jovian Profile: https://jovian.ai/sathi-satb

This project was done as the final project to the Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas Free Certification course and was selected as one among the top 15 projects from a pool of 4000. Register now to get certified for FREEhttp://zerotopandas.com

NoteView — Easily share results from Jupyter notebooks 📒


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